Easy Puppy Potty Training Tips For Grady’s Puppy Head Start Visit

By: David Codr

Published Date: May 9, 2023

Grady 1 - Easy Puppy Potty Training Tips For Grady's Puppy Head Start Visit

For this in-home training session we did a Puppy Head Start visit to share puppy potty training and a number of other tips for a nine week old Labradoodle pup named Grady.

Grady’s guardians had never had a puppy before and they wanted to make sure they got started off on the right foot so they signed up for our Puppy Head Start program. This program combines an in home visit from a pupy class instructor along with 12 weeks of Omaha’s Best puppy classes. In the in home visit, we cover a number of puppy raising fundamentals with an emphasis on stopping common dog problems before they get a chance to start.

Fortuantely for Grady’s parents, is breeder was JNB Stables who are one of the breeders in Nebraska. We have had a number of their pups take our puppy classes and due to all the extra work they put in when the pup is young, JNB stable pups are usually the start students in our classes.

Most people are unaware of the fact that when it comes to dogs and puppies, all attention is rewarding. This means if your puppy jumps up on you and you tell it “no,” you are training your puppy to jump up on you to ask for attention. This is probably the most common mistake new puppy parents make. We made sure to explain this to Grady’s guardians as well as a secret way to stop puppies from doing things we dont want.

Our Puppy Head Start program shares a number of tips like that to help new puppy parents avoid these common mistakes.

We went over a number of positive puppy training lessons and fundamentals like marker words, tips for mouthing biting and nipping, our secret to the easiest way of training a puppy and a few other tips to make raising your puppy as easy as possible.

Positive Puppy Potty Training

Halfway through the session, Grady started to show some indications that he needed to go potty. Recognizing these early signs gives puppy parents an opportunity to take their puppy out to the appropriate place and avoid having accidents in the house. This is one of the secrets to puppy potty training. We love sharing potty training tips with new parents.

Stopping puppies from going having accidents in the house is one of the more common help requests we get in our puppy classes. If we had a nicked every time a parent asked us how to potty train a puppy, we’d have a big old bag of nickels. If you have a puppy or adult dog that needs help with potty training, check out the free positive dog training video below.

This is a super easy way to potty train a puppy using modern, positive training methods. The best part of these puppy potty training tips is that they are really easy. It just takes some tasty treats, a few minutes each attempt and observation from the parents. Instead of focusing on stopping puppy accidents, a better strategy is to reward the puppy when it goes in the right place.

If Grady’s guardians follow these instructions for the next week or two, they should find that their pup is letting them know when he needs to go outside to potty. With the steps outlined in the free puppy potty training video, their puppy potty training should be a snap.

We know it can be frustrating when puppies potty in the house, but its important to remember the pup doesnt gain full control of their bladder muscles until 5 months. Thats we another puppy potty training hack we share is to roll up expensive area rugs for a few months and replace them with carpet reminant pieces from carpet stores. These are usually really inexpensive using leftovers from carpet instalations and once their puppy is fully potty trained, they can throw them out and bring back the nicer rugs.

We’re looking forward to seeing puppy Grady and his awesome family in our puppy classes so that we can build on the lessons that we shared in this in home Omaha puppy training session.

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