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Does your dog have a behavior problem you need help with? Scared of people, fearful of dogs or anxious with guests, dog aggression, human aggression, guards their food, people or toys, separation anxiety, etc. Maybe your dog has an unwanted habit or behavior you want to stop? Barking, jumps up on people, dog gets into the trash, chewing, stealing, doesn’t listen, etc?

Over the last decade, Dog Gone Problems has established itself as Omaha’s dog behavior experts; rehabilitating thousands of dogs using positive training methods. You may have seen us on TV, at one of our Dog Behavior Workshops, read our weekly dog behavior advice column in the Omaha World-Herald or the thousands of free dog behavior training videos we have published.

Omaha’s Most Experienced Dog Behavior Staff.

We have 4 Dog Behavior Experts on staff; David Codr, Christina Ferency, Jenna Horton and Rachael Britt who are available for in home dog behavior help. They have a combined 40+ years of professional dog behavior experience and are experienced in treating every kind of behavior problem.

We are 100% force and punishment free and love showing people how they can communicate what they want in a way that is rewarding and also motivating for the dog. We do not use shock collars, pinch / prong collars or other out of date tools and methods as these have been provide to cause stress, anxiety and aggression in dogs. Our goal is to show you how to help your dog understand and be motivated to do what you want through positive dog training methods.

Our dog behavior experts will come to work with you and your dog in your home. After discussing your dog’s issues with you, they will  come up with a dog behavior modification plan specific to your dog. Once the plan is in place, they will coach you up on the techniques and exercises that will address your dog’s behavior problems until you can do them on your own. Our ultimate goal is to teach you so well, you can replace us.

Over the last ten years, we have had thousands of success stories, been recognized as best dog trainer in Omaha, honored with hundreds of five star reviews on Google and some pretty darn nice testimonials.

Our Team

Christina Ferency

Dog Behavior Specialist Christina Ferency spent 10+ years rehabilitating dogs at the Nebraska Humane Society before joining the Dog Gone Problems family. Christina has seen it all and can help with all kinds of dog behavior problems; but her speciality is dogs with fear or aggressive behavior issues.

Christina Zeke Addy scaled - Omaha Dog Behavior Help
Christina (left) works with German Shepherd who is aggressive to strangers after being abused.

David Codr

Dog Gone Problems founder David Codr has worked with thousands of dogs professionally since 2010. He has developed our puppy class curriculum, writes a dog behavior advice column for the Omaha World Herald, makes frequent TV appearances and travels around the country working with dogs in need.

David with Oliver - Omaha Dog Behavior Help
David helps a fearful terrier learn he doesnt need to bark at sounds outside his home.

Jenna Horton

Dog Behavior Specialist Jenna Horton joined the Dog Gone Problems team after working in the Nebraska Humane Society’s behavior department, has a bachelors in Psychology, CPDT-KA and Fear Free Shelter certification as well as five years of professional animal behavior modificaiton experience. Jenna loves helping people understand the why of their dog’s behavior as well as crafting the best way to change behavior using positive motivation and dog psychology.

Jenna in Session - Omaha Dog Behavior HelpJenna works with a dog who has a food resource guarding problem

Rachael Britt

Dog Behavior Specialist Rachael Britt worked in the Nebraska Humane Society’s behavior department (apprenticing under Christina Ferency) prior to joining Dog Gone Problems. Rachael has a BA in Psychology, CPDT-KA and Fear Free Shelter certification and five years of animal rehabilitation experience. Rachael loves working with reactive dogs.

Rachael Britt
Rachael works with a pair of high energy dogs who like to jump up on people

Our Behavior Staff has a combined 30+ years of experience fixing dog behavior problems. After working with literally thousands of dogs, there isnt much they havent seen and fixed. Our team take pride in our work, follow up with clients until the problems are corrected and remain available if things come up down the road.

Fixing dog problems is what we do and we’d love to help you and your dog in your home.

If you are ready to stop your dog’s behavior problems, fill out the form below.  Our Booking Coordinator will call you to answer all your questions and explain how we can help you.

If you dont need dog behavior help but would like some help with dog training, you can use this link. If you are looking for our Puppy Socialization Classes, use this link.

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