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Dog Gone Problems founder David Codr helping a fearful German Shepherd learn to trust humans

Does your dog have a behavior problem you need help with? Gets into the trash, barks, fearful, anxious, aggressive, separation anxiety or maybe a bad habit you just can’t stop?

Over the last decade, Dog Gone Problems has established itself as Omaha’s dog behavior experts, rehabilitating over 4,000 dogs in only one visit. You may have seen us on TV, at one of our Dog Behavior Workshops, read our weekly dog behavior advice column in the Omaha World-Herald or the thousands of free dog behavior training videos we have published.

Omaha’s Most Experienced Private Dog Behavior Staff

Our 3 Dog Behavior Experts have a combined 30+ years of professional dog behavior experience and are dedicated to helping dogs with all kinds of behavior problems and needs. After working with over 10,000 dogs collectivly, its doubtful there are any dog behavior problems we havent seen or fixed before.

We are able to stop most dog behavior problems in one visit because we use Dog Psychology, modern dog training (ie 100% force and punishment free) and many of the same communication methods dogs use with one another. Its easy to stop common dog problems when you know what to do, and our behavior staff is the most experienced in town. Our three Behavior experts (David Codr and Christina Ferency) have decades of dog behavior experience. They love sharing their hard earned knowledge with our clients. Some people call our Dog Behavior staff, dog translators.

David helps a few fearful dogs in a group therapy session

We find that in home dog behavior help is more effective than dog training classes where the dog can be distracted, excited or stressed out by the other dogs. We want to see your dog where its the most comfortable and that’s usually in your living room. Many people are surprised to learn that Omaha dog behavior help is available from a professional dog behaviorist who has experience fixing the same problems their dog has.

While the overwhelming majority of our dog behavior help requests are handled in only one at home dog training visit, we do have clients that have dogs with more serious problems (puppy mill dogs or those abused and suffering from stress, fear, anxiety or aggression) who need a comprehensive canine rehabilitation plan. In these cases, we help the dogs through a customized plan to build up their confidence and help them get over fears through counterconditioning, desensitization, teaching replacement behaviors or other positive dog behavior rehabilitation methods.

We are the place local dog trainers turn to when they have a dog with a problem they can’t fix. We have a proven track record and get our client’s real results. Probably why we keep winning Best of Omaha and have hundreds of 5 star reviews.

The most recent addition to our team has been working with dogs professionally for over a decade as well. Dog Behavior Specialist Christina Ferency spent 10+ years rehabilitating dogs at the Nebraska Humane Society before joining the Dog Gone Problems family. Christina has seen it all and can help with all kinds of dog behavior problems; but her speciality is dogs with fear or aggressive behavior issues.

Christina (left) works with Zeke, a German Shepherd who is aggressive to strangers after being abused in a former home

If you are ready to stop your dog’s behavior problems, fill out the form on this page.  Our Booking Coordinator will call you to answer all your questions and explain how we can help you.

If you are looking for dog training, you can use this link. If you are looking for our Puppy Socialization Classes, use this link.


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