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Dog Gone Problems founder David Codr writes a dog behavior column every Wednesday for the Omaha World Herald, answering all kinds of reader questions about dog behavior. If you would like to submit your own question, email it to

You can find some of his past columns below, sorted in chronological order.


05/02/18 – Tips to help a puppy stop excitedly urinating in the kennel
04/25/18 – Our dog barks, bites and steals things
04/18/18 – My puppy is picking up bad habits when my neighbor watches him
04/11/18 – Why does my senior dog suddenly want to sit in my lap?
04/04/18 – Helping kids get along with dogs in 7 easy steps
03/28/18 – After the Fourth of July, our dog is afraid of walks in the dark
03/21/18 – I need help potty training my Yorkie
03/14/18 – 5 tips to help dogs who suffer from anxiety
03/07/18 – Why has my 3-month-old puppy suddenly become so naughty?
02/28/18  – Our dog refuses to potty outside unless we go out with him
02/21/18 – How to stop a puppy from eating food from another dog’s bowl
02/14/18 – My dog is ‘dog aggressive,’ and getting a puppy didn’t help
02/07/18 – Our older dog won’t get on the bed if our younger one gets on first
01/31/18 – Puppy is fearful around tall men and recently bit owner’s father
01/24/18 – 7 tips to help a big dog learn to play nicely with little dogs
01/17/18 – 6 tips for helping a dog form a structured eating schedule
01/10/18 – Boston Terrier will only eat boiled chicken and cottage cheese
01/03/18 – 5 potty training tips for dogs who just don’t want to go


12/27/17 – Our dog refused to come inside and bit me when I got the leash
12/20/17 – Our Yorkie puppy only poops inside and sometimes eats it
12/13/17 – Our dog is obsessed with drinking water
12/6/17 – 7 tips to stop dog friends from fighting at the dog park
11/29/17 – Dog Gone Problems: Roommate’s dog barks aggressively when I try to leave
11/15/17 – My Boston Terrier doesn’t want to walk on grass anymore
11/08/17 – Our Puggle thinks pushing us is playing
11/01/17 – Our dog refuses to get into the car after catching his fur in the door
10/25/17 – Can a dog with separation anxiety be trained as a service dog?
10/18/17 – I need help potty training a Yorkie mix
10/11/17 –How do I get our dog to stop chasing the cat?
10/04/17 – My Boston Terrier puppy won’t stop chewing my rugs and legs
09/27/17 – My dog doesn’t use potty pads during the day
09/20/17 – My Schnauzer attacks the door when the mailman walks up
09/13/17 – My puppy plays too rough with other dogs
09/06/17 – 7 tips to stop dogs from marking in the house
08/23/17 – German shorthaired pointer puppy won’t go outside without owner
08/16/17 – Do toy poodles need to be potty trained differently?
08/09/17 – Our rescue dog doesn’t like going outside anymore
08/02/17 – How can we get a puppy to use a potty pad?
07/26/17 – Can our son’s cat and dog peacefully co-exist?
07/19/17 – How can we stop our dog’s submissive urination?
07/12/17 – Is it OK to have our high energy dog live exclusively outside?
07/05/17 – Should we re-home a dog who nipped our child in the face?
06/28/17 – How to help a dog get over a fear of fireworks
06/21/17 – Our dogs nips at kids who run by
06/14/17 – How can I get my Papillion to stop barking?
06/07/17 – How do I get my dog to come when outside?
05/31/17 – 10 things to keep in mind when meeting a service dog in public
05/24/17 – How to keep your dog safe around weed killer and fertilizer
05/17/17 – Our dog is pooping in the kennel; is it separation anxiety?
05/10/17 – My mother’s dog is acting unusual; is he trying to tell me something?
05/03/17 – Help! Our Shih Tzu has started scratching the door when we leave
04/26/17 – Tips to help your dog and your children get along
04/19/17 – After bad experience, former ride-loving dog refuses to get back in the car
04/12/17 – My dog is shy and nervous around my boyfriend
04/05/17 – Our dog is destroying things now that our baby has come home
03/29/17 – Our Bull Terrier is aggressive and guards things from our adult dog
03/22/17 – How do I potty train my puppy if I can’t afford obedience school?
03/15/17 – Our Chihuahua bites our grandson’s ankles and and is mean to our puppy
03/08/17 – Why does our dog lick the dashboard of our car?
03/01/18 – Our dog is possessive with food and won’t let our other dogs eat
02/22/17 – Is it OK to let our puppy sleep with our children?
02/15/17 – Why is it so hard for us to potty train our Yorkie puppy?
02/08/17 – How do I stop my dog from barking at guests?
02/01/18 – How do I get my dog to stop biting the door?
01/25/17 – How can I get my dog to like being in the kennel?
01/18/17 – What’s the best way to introduce our dog to our new puppy?
01/11/17 – Why can’t I pet a service dog?
01/04/17 – My dog has separation anxiety


12/28/16 – Why won’t our dogs use the dog bed?
12/21/16 – Our dog attacks the door when we open it
12/14/16 – A dozen tips to keep your dog safe this holiday season
12/07/16 – My Puppy Cries When We Leave The Room While He Is Kenneled
11/30/16 – Our Dogs Get Crazy At The Door When Letting Them Outside
11/23/16 – We Have To Force Our Dog Onto The Grass
11/16/16 – Help! I Inherited A Crazy Dog
11/09/16 – Why Does My Cocker Spaniel Hold Her Paw Up To Me?
11/02/16 – My Bull Dog Barks When I Ask Him To Sit
10/26/16 – My Mom’s Dog Is Aggressive And Possesive Around Her
10/19/16 – My Yorkie Puppy Is Impossible To Potty Train
10/12/16 – Our Puppy Doesn’t Listen When Excited
10/05/16 – Our Dog has a Fascination with Toilet Paper, Unraveling Entire Rolls at a Time
09/28/16 – Our Dog Trainer Suggested A Pinch Collar But We Aren’t Comfortable With It
09/21/16 – My Adult Dog Doesn’t Stop When Correcting My Puppy During Play
09/14/16 – My Dog Won’t Potty Outside Without Me
09/07/16 – 9 Things To Do If There Is A Problem At The Dog Park
08/31/16 – Our Dog Chews the Front Door When We Leave Him Alone
08/24/16 – Our big dog plays too rough with our smaller dog
08/17/16 – Our Bull Terrier Has Suddenly Become Aggressive With Other Dogs
08/10/16 – Our Dog Suddenly Wont Walk on the Grass
08/03/16 – Our Dog is an Incessant Licker
07/27/16 – Our Puppy Nips Hemlines of Children
07/20/16 – 10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy This Sumer
07/13/16 – My new puppy is uncontrollable around new people
07/06/16 – Do dogs feel guilty?
06/29/16 – Our Maltese thinks he is the boss, won’t listen to us
06/22/16 – Our dog is scared of fireworks and loud noises
06/15/16 – Our dog loves to jump up on us
06/08/16 – Our rescue dog won’t stop shaking
06/01/16 – Our puppy has gone from fearful to aggressive
05/25/16 – How do we stop grieving dog from hiding in the closet?
05/18/16 – How do we prepare our dog for our first child?
05/11/16 – Our dog won’t stop stealing things
05/04/16 – How do we stop our dog from chewing our shoes?
04/27/16 – My dog whines for attention
04/20/16 – Our dog refuses to get into the car
04/13/16 – 10 tips to potty train your puppy
04/06/16 – Our dog is highly reactive to other animals
03/23/16 – Our first dog is jealous of our new pooch
03/23/16 – My boyfriend’s dog growls and tries to bite me
03/16/16 – Our puppy hides under the bed for no reason
03/09/16 – A visiting dog peed in our house, now our dog won’t stop
03/02/16 – My dalmatian is too protective of me
02/24/16 – My 2-year-old border collie mix is like a ‘ball and chain’
02/17/16 – Our puppy is eating our other dog’s poop
02/10/16 – My dog gets aggressive when excited
02/03/16 – How do we stop dog from biting so hard when playing?
01/27/16 – Help! My Australian cattle dog nips
01/20/16 – Why does my dog have to sit in our laps?
01/13/16 – How Can we Stop Our Dog From Attacking People at the Door?
01/06/16 – Our dogs are attention junkies
12/30/15 – Our dogs make a mess when drinking water
12/23/15 – How can we stop our puppy from playing too hard?
12/16/15 – My rat terrier follows me everywhere
12/09/15 – How can I stop our bulldog from marking?
12/02/15 – Our dog goes crazy in the car
11/25/15 – Our dog goes wild when the trash truck arrives
11/18/15 – My dog won’t go outside without me
11/11/15 – Our dog will only eat people food
11/04/15 – How can we get our dogs to behave on walks?
10/28/15 – Do dogs like being dressed up for Halloween?
10/21/15 – Our dog won’t let us cut his nails
10/14/15 – How do we get our dog to come?
10/07/15 – How do I stop my dog from being possessive of me?
09/30/15 – What training method is best?
09/23/15 – Our dog only acts tough towards other dogs around us
09/16/15 – Is it OK for our dog to guard our child?
09/09/15 – Questions about dog kennels
09/02/15 – My dog won’t walk on the grass
08/26/15 – How do I introduce my dog to foster dogs?
08/19/15 –  How do I get my dog to stop getting into the trash?
08/12/15 – How do I get my dog to use the dog bed?
08/04/15 – How can I get our dog to respect our 7-year-old daughter?
07/29/15 – Proper etiquette at the dog park
07/22/15 – Our dog hides under furniture
07/15/15 – How do I stop our dog from throwing up in the car?
07/08/15 – Our dog growls if we get too close while she is eating
07/01/15 – Our dog is infatuated by our lizard
06/24/15 – How can I stop my puppy from developing a fear of fireworks?
06/17/15 – My dog is shy in public
06/10/15 – Can I leave my dog outside in the summer?
06/03/15 – Should I make my dog’s food at home?
05/27/15 – Should I give my dog faux chocolate cookies?
05/20/15 – My dog won’t leave my side
05/14/15 – How do I keep my dogs out of the kitchen?
05/06/15 – What to do if your dog gets excited in public
04/29/15 – Should I get a puppy from a pet store?
04/22/15 – Why is my dog having accidents in the house after going outside?
04/15/15 – My dog is overly possessive with pillows and blankets
04/08/15 – Help! My dog goes crazy outside!
04/01/15 – How do I stop my dog biting the door?
03/25/15 – How do I stop my dog from licking?
03/18/15 – My dog is obsessed with drinking water
03/11/15 – Quit it with the pawing already!
03/03/15 – How do I stop my dog from barking when there’s a knock at the door?
02/25/15 – Tips for getting your dog to obey when called
02/18/15 – Help! My dog keeps stealing food from my table
02/11/15 – How do I stop my pup from being so fearful?
02/04/15 – Our Dog Refuses to Walk in the Snow
01/28/15 – How Do I Stop My Puppy From Having Accidents?
12/17/14 – How Do I Stop My Dog From Attacking the Door When People Leave
12/02/14 – How Do We Get Our Puppy to Stop Peeing in the Kennel?
11/20/14 – How Do I Stop My Puppy From Nipping for Attention?
11/12/14 – How Do I Stop My Dog From Lunging at Other Dogs?
11/05/14 – How Do I Get My Puppy to Stop Mouthing?
10/27/14 – My Dog Only Eats People Food
10/22/14 – How Do I Stop My Dogs From Going Crazy When Let Out of the Kennel
10/13/14 – My Dog Doesn’t Respect Me
10/06/14 – How Do We Get Our Dog to Listen When We Say No?
09/29/14 – Help, My Dog Eats Poop
09/23/14 – My Husky Goes Crazy On Walks
09/17/14 – How Do I Stop My Dog From Jumping in My Lap
09/08/14 – How Do I Stop My Dog’s Aggressive Barking?
09/01/14 – How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Begging for Food?
08/25/14 – How Do I Keep My Dog From Running Out Open Doors?
08/20/14 – Should I Alpha Roll My Dog?
08/11/14 – How Can I Train My Dog to Stop Getting Excited at the Door
08/04/14 – How Do I Get My Dog Over Her Fear of Loud Noises?
07/28/14 – How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Playing So Rough?
07/21/14 – How to Deal With Dog Possessive Aggression
05/12/14 – How to Socialize Your Adult Dog
04/21/14 – Help! My Dog Bites
03/31/14 – Teaching a dog to get over a fear of being left alone in a kennel
03/17/14 – How Do I Keep My Dog Off Tables and Counters?
03/03/14 – Why Are Dogs Afraid of Thunderstorms
02/04/14 – Tips for Adopting a Dog



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