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By: David Codr

Published Date: January 17, 2023

Jenna in Session - Bio - Jenna Horton
Jenna conducting an in home dog behavior session with a dog who has a food guarding problem

Jenna Horton was a Dog Behavior Consultant at Dog Gone Problems from January 2023 – March 2024.

Jenna helped countless dogs and their owners with a myriad of behavior problems while a member of the DGP team.

We are grateful for Jenna’s time with us and look forward to hearing about the next chapters of her bright and promising career.

Jenna Horton Biography


It started with bugs, lizards and any little animal she could find, Dog Behavior Consultant Jenna Horton spent her early years caring for and playing with all her “little friends.” Jenna was often found outside sitting by an ant hill watching the worker ants carrying in the yummy treat she had laid out for them. She would always wonder what the animals thought about her and everything else they encountered.

This curiosity stayed with Jenna and soon she found herself applying for a spot at the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo in Gainesville, Florida. Here she would spend her mornings and afternoons caring for a variety of zoo animals. Inbetween cleaning enclosures, feeding and training animals, Jenna would attend courses that provided her with the academic understanding of animal welfare and behavior. What better way to apply this knowledge than to become the primary trainer for a White-Throated Capuchin named Frappuccino. Jenna and Frapp spent almost a year together practicing their training skills.

image 6487327 4 - Bio - Jenna Horton
Jenna works with Frapp, a White-Throated Capuchin at the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo in Gainesville, Florida

After 2 years at the Teaching Zoo, Jenna felt a pull to move along in her career. She had graduated with an Associstes of Science in Zoo Animal Technology and was looking for an opportunity to apply her newfound skills and knowledge. Jenna quickly found herself in Omaha, Nebraska interning at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. She spent around 6 months working as a zookeeper in the Wild Kingdom Pavilion, then transitioned to the Welfare and Enrichment Department to gain experience in data collection and entry for zoo-wide welfare, training and enrichment.

While the zoo world was amazing, Jenna felt the pull to expand her repertoire. She returned to college and in a little over a year graduated from the University of Nebraska, Omaha with a Bachelors in Multidisciplinary Studies: Psychology. Around the same time, she found a position at the Nebraska Humane Society as a Behavioral Modification Specialist. Jenna even worked under Dog Gone Problem’s own Christina Ferency for a period of time.

Over the next two years, Jenna would work with hundreds of dogs to help prepare them for their furever homes. No behavior was too much, Jenna worked to modify behaviors induced by fear, anxiety, touch sensitivity, reactivity and aggression. This was a time that will forever be cherished as she was able to care for and improve the lives of more dogs than one can only imagine.

In Home Dog Behavior Consultant

In 2023, Jenna was offered a position as a Dog Behavior Consultant with Dog Gone Problems. This new opportunity gave Jenna the opportunity to work with dogs and their human counterparts. Providing guardians with encouragement, education and instruction on dog behavioral modification is something Jenna excels at. Fostering an environment of appreciation and understanding between Guardian and dog is Jenna’s ultimate goal.

At home, Jenna has a Yorkie named Roscoe and a Tuxedo cat named Oreo. Both have been her best friends through all of it. In the past year, she has also opened her heart and home to 5 mice that live a life of luxury in a decked out 75 gallon tank. In her free time, Jenna likes crafting, exploring the outdoors and playing open world video games.

image 6487327 - Bio - Jenna Horton
Jenna on an adventure with her dog Roscoe

While all her furry friends are small in size, Jenna has interacted with and enjoyed the company of all shapes, sizes and honestly species of animal. Jenna thinks life is always happiest with an animal friend nearby.

Jenna assisted in the behavior modification of many dogs in the Omaha metro area while a member of the DGP family. While Jenna’s talent and dedication to animal welfare will be missed here, we have no doubt that many animals will continue to be beneficaries of her skills and care for years to come.

Thanks for your time here Jenna. We wish you the absolute best.

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