Sharing Tips to Stop Dogs From Jumping Up on People at the Door

By: David Codr

Published Date: January 5, 2023

Nora and Frank - Sharing Tips to Stop Dogs From Jumping Up on People at the Door

For this Omaha dog training session we worked with Rottweiler mother and son Nora and Frank, sharing tips to stop dogs from jumping up on guests at the door.

There are a number of ways to stop dogs from jumping up on people, but before you start working on that dog behavior problem, its important to make sure you are communicating correctly, that the dog’s needs are being met and they understand what you want from them.

We went over a number of dog behavor tips; exercise tips, the benefits of mental stimulation, using marker words, hand targeting, the importance of celebrating desired behaviors and how to redirect a dog’s attention. We also discussed dog body language and dog consent. While these are not directly related to dogs who jump up on houseguests, they can help improve the leader follower dynamic and set the dogs up for success by improving the communicaton between the humans and dogs.

How to Stop Dogs From Jumping on Guests

Many dogs jump up on guests at the door due to the excitement of the new arrival.  One secret to help stop dog jumping is to exercise your dogs before guests come over (as well as giving the dog 10 minites to recover before the guest arrives). Of course this isnt always practical, that is why creating a staged set up can come in handy. Invite a friend to come over for a practice visit. This friend should be someone who will help, ie not talking in an excited voice, pet the dogs aftet they jump up and will listen to you. Instead of trying to train the dogs and b e agood host, you can focus on the dog’s jumping problem.

Your guest can also use a delayed entry to stop your dog from jumping up on people at the door. This is a really simple concept, waiting for the dog to calm down before actually coming into the home. But there are a few steps to the process. If you have a dog who jumps on people, you will definately want to check out this free positive dog training video so you can learn how to stop dogs from jumping on your houseguests.

Just like exercising your dog before people come to the door, a delayed entry isnt always practical for every guest. But dogs are creatures of habit. The more they do something, desired or undesired, the more likely they are to do it again. So arranging to have a friend or neighbor come over to help you practice is a dog behaviorist trick that anyone can do. As Omaha’s dog behavior expert, I have used this trick to stop jumping to great success. Id like to see the guardians invite one friend over a week to practice this secret way to stop dog jumping.

Id also like to see the guardians use this technique to stop dog jumping each time they come home. If they do so consistnetly, the dog will practice not jumping up on people 30 – 50 times a week. And the benefit of doing this with the people who live there and friends is you are ready; meaning you have time to exercise your dog ahed of time.

Now since there are two dogs in the home, we started off by practicing this dog jumping exercise with each dog separately. Anytime you have more than one dog, practicing individually makes a really big difference. After the dogs learn and practice not jumping up on people on their own, you can practice together. That individual dog training practice pays big dividends later.

It was a lot of fun sharing these dog training tips in this in home Omaha dog training session. Our man Nolan will be back next week to work with the dogs on their leash pulling problem. one of the reaosns Nolan is the star of our TV commercial is he loves teaching dogs to walk with a loose leash. We are excited to see these pups learn to walk nicely with their human on the leash.

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This post was written by: David Codr