Puppies B Jumpin’ for the Amazing Jadyn’s Puppy Class OJT Videos

By: David Codr

Published Date: April 20, 2023

IMG 3863 - Puppies B Jumpin' for the Amazing Jadyn's Puppy Class OJT Videos

Week One

Kindergarten week one – https://youtu.be/cpepEPs3NEI

Elementary week one – https://youtu.be/uEXeRfmTtXE

High School week one – https://youtu.be/wTWjFky4eVk

Week Two

Kindergarten week two – https://youtu.be/ie88Uvsbyew

Elementary week two – https://youtu.be/zuAdnZhQXeE

High School week two – https://youtu.be/xtX_OeI0z5A

Week Three

Kindergarten week three – https://youtu.be/1w-bHHQ8B74

Elementary week three – https://youtu.be/YaalZQlLRaE

High School week three – https://youtu.be/AP7k50NjbqM

Week Four

Kindergarten week four – https://youtu.be/-Ye9jvOgRI4

Elementary week four -https://youtu.be/Jw6GFyRiOyc

High School week four – https://youtu.be/TXkHgeaXo6w


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