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By: David Codr

Published Date: July 19, 2019

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After working with thousands of dogs and puppies, we have tried and tested many different treats, tools and toys.  We created this page to highlight the ones we like and use along with links to make it easy for you to find them. If you have any questions on any of these training supplies, please ask your class instructor before or after class. This page includes affiliate links and Dog Gone Problems may be paid a small amount for any purchases made.


Our go to treats are Tricky Trainer chicken liver treats. These are primarily what we use in class. They come in multiple flavors and two sizes. We suggest getting the 14 oz bag as you will use a lot of these during training.

Be sure to re-seal the bag right away and burp all the empty air out of it. These treats work so well due to having almost preservatives, but that means they dry out quick i you leave the bag open.

Tricky Trainers (Mid level treat)
Chicken Liver (5 oz)                   Amazon   Chewy
Chicken Liver (14 oz)                 Amazon   Chewy
Chicken Liver                              Amazon   Chewy   Grain Free
Salmon                                         Amazon   Chewy
Cheddar                                       Amazon    Chewy
Peanut butter                             Amazon    Chewy   Grain Free

Charlie Bears (Low level treat)
Liver                                             Amazon   Chewy
Cheese and Egg                          Amazon   Chewy
Chicken Sp Veggie                     Amazon   Chewy
Turkey Liver / Veggies              Amazon   Chewy

Lotus Soft Baked Treats (Mid level treat)
Lamb Tripe (10 oz)                   Amazon   Chewy
Sardine and Minnow                Amazon    Chewy
Duck                                            Amazon     Chewy

Stewart’s Freeze Dried Beef Liver (High value treat)
(Aka “Crack” cause pups fiend for this treat)
Freeze Dried Beef Liver            Amazon   Chewy
Note these are SUPER rich treats and should NOT be your pup’s everyday treat

Chew Items (Ingestible)   

Odor Free Bully Sticks (8oz)    Amazon   BestBullysticks.com
Odor Free Bully Bites (16 oz)   Amazon   Best Bullysticks.com
12 inch Collagen Sticks                                BestBullysicks.com
These are the same sticks we gave you in class the 1st week.
Power Chewers Package                              BestBullysticks.com
Himalayan Yak Milk Bones                        BestBullysticks.com
Peanut Butter Beef Cheek                           BestBullysticks.com
6 inch Kabob Sticks                                      BestBullysticks.com
Cow Knees                                   Amazon
Cow ears                                      Amazon
Cheek rolls                                  Amazon    Chewy
Tracheas                                      Amazon    Chewy

Chew Items (Organic)

Antlers                                         Amazon    Chewy
Bones                                           Amazon    Chewy
Water buffalo horn                   Amazon    Chewy
We STRONGLY suggest Water Buffalo Horns for large breeds and big chewers.

Chew Toys

Nylabones – There are tons of Nylabones out there. We suggest various shapes, sizes & flavors (Bacon, BBQ, etc).

Standard shape                          Amazon  Chewy
Ring shape                                  Amazon  Chewy
Y shape                                        Amazon  Chewy
Arm shape                                  Amazon  Chewy
Bent Y shape                              Amazon  Chewy
Bent bone                                   Amazon  Chewy
Dinosaur                                     Amazon  Chewy

Food Dispensing Toys and Games

We recommend getting 2-4 of the following and feeding your pup out of them for 2-3 months to promote healthy chew habits. Products listed in rank of our preference.

Omega Treat ball (L)                Amazon   Chewy
Omega treat ball (S)                 Amazon  Chewy
NOTE: The Omega Treat Ball is one of our all time favorites
Petek Interactive Feeder         Amazon  Chewy
Great toy that can be used at meal time
Outward Hound puzzle           Amazon  Chewy
Outward Hound puzzle           Amazon   Chewy
Trixie interactive flip board    Amazon   Chewy
Tornado interactive toy           Amazon   Chewy
Busy Buddy ball                        Amazon   Chewy
Booya dog toy                            Amazon   Chewy

Slow Feeding Tools

Large snuffle feeding mat      Amazon  Chewy
Small snuffle feeding mat      Amazon  Chewy
The snuffle feeding matt is a great option for high energy dogs and pups
Slow feeding bowl (purple)     Amazon  Chewy
Jasgood slow feeding bowl      Amazon  Chewy
These are good for dogs and puppies who eat too fast, but snuffle matts are better

Long Term Confinement Area (LTCA) aka Puppy Play Pen
Sometimes the retailer we list on Amazon sells out. If that happens, let your instructor know and we will update the link
Small breed pups                     Amazon  Chewy
Large breed pups                     Amazon  Chewy

Leashes Collars and other Equipment

Martingale collars                     Amazon  Chewy
Harness (Loose leash train)    Amazon
Harnesses (for dogskiing)       Amazon  Ruffwear
Leashes                                       Amazon  Chewy
Treat pouches                            Amazon  Chewy

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