A Plethora of Puppy Raising and Training Tips Help Eleven the Pitbull Pup

By: David Codr

Published Date: August 19, 2019

Eleven Close Playa del Rey - A Plethora of Puppy Raising and Training Tips Help Eleven the Pitbull Pup

For this Playa del Rey puppy training session, we share a bunch of puppy raising tips to help 11 week-old Eleven’s guardians make sure he grows up to be an amazing adult dog.

Anytime we get a request for help with a dog under 12 months, we try to steer them into a puppy socialization class like ours. Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer puppy classes in Los Angeles.

Hopefully the guardians can find a local puppy class to help with socialization experience. That is so important as a puppy learns more in an hour of playing with puppies of a similar age than they do in a week of formal training with a human.

As I planed to share a ton of puppy raising tips in this in home Playa del Rey puppy training session, I handed my camera over to his guardians so he could record this medley of positive puppy obedience and training tips.

Combined with a local LA puppy class for socialization, these tips should get Eleven and his guardians off to a great start. I promised to sign them up for the puppy training tips that we send people taking our puppy classes in the midwest which will cover puppy obedience, socialization, a few tricks, basic commands and tips to make having a puppy as painless and joyful as possible.

Since Eleven is a Pitbull, its super important that he is well socialized and behaved as so many people are prejudiced against this wonderful and loyal dog breed. He will need to be better behaved than other dogs to overcome that stereotype.

The good news is, the positive puppy training method that we use works for all breeds and human experience levels. You don’t have to be a professional Pitbull puppy trainer to do them, just the desire to raise a super cute puppy into an amazingly well behaved adult dog. Ideally a Pitbull breed ambassador that helps the uninformed learn that Pitbulls are amazing dogs.

If the guardians run into any puppy behavior problems we didn’t cover in this puppy obedience training session, I told them to call or text me directly as once we work with a dog (or pup) we want to be there for them and their guardians any time they need us.

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This post was written by: David Codr