Our New Amazing Puppy Class Instructor Jadyn

By: David Codr

Published Date: August 16, 2023

amazing puppy class instructor

We are so proud to announce a new amazing puppy class instructor here at Dog Gone Problems! Jadyn Agee just completed her four month Puppy Class Instructor training program and she was aces!

We were able to surprise Jadyn with her PCI graduation by interrupting one of her August puppy classes for a minute.

Amazing Puppy Class Instructor Jadyn Finishes Training

We expect a lot out of our Puppy Class Instructors and so they go through a pretty intense training program so they know all the in’s and out’s about having a puppy. We have the best puppy class instructors in Omaha because we start with amazing people then train the heck out of them.

Here is what Jadyn completed before she started teaching puppy classes for DGP:

  • Shadowed 40 hours of puppy classes
  • Read a comprehensive book on early puppy development
  • Passed a 50 question test on the book
  • Watched 50 dog training videos like this one (over 25 hours)
  • Taught 24 moc puppy classes (24+ hours)
  • 40 hours of on the job training
  • Passed 13 tests with over 500 questions

Some local puppy classes have instructors teaching class after only a couple of days of training, but we pride ourselves on going well above and beyond. We are serious about our classes and demand our amazing puppy  class instructor have all the knowledge needed to help you be a success with your puppy.

Most dog behavior problems develop by accident (jumping up, barking, stealing, chewing the wrong things, food or resource guarding, etc) because the pup’s humans didnt know tht they way they addressed these problems actually made them worse and into long standing habits.

The goal of our Omaha puppy classes is to stop puppy problems from starting and over the last 7 years we have been wildly successful. Over 10,000 puppies have come through our program with many more to come.

When we started our puppy classes, we thought it would be a great feeder program for our in home dog trainers; but that’s not the case. We do such a good job in our Omaha and Bellevue puppy classes (due to amazning instructors like Jadyn) that its rare for our puppy parents to need adult dog behavior help.

The puppies who took our classes during the isolation of Covid turned out amazing due to our classes and the support systems we have in place (Omaha’s largest private puppy playgroup, videos of the lessons we cover in class, emails full of tips and puppy raising secrets and the personal instruction people get due to our small class sizes.

People sometimes ask what qualifies us as Omaha’s Best Puppy classes. Well having amazingly talented people who invest over 130 hours before they start leading puppy classes is one. The fact that the overwhelming majority of our puppy class graduates dont need behavior help later is a close second.

We were fortunate to find someone who has such natural dog skills as Jadyn. She has a true passion for dogs. Before she worked with them professionally, Jadyn volunteers for a dog agility company in Lincoln. She practices what she learned with her faithful Border Collie Finn and was so inspired by what she learned in her training that she got a second dog, another adorable Border Collie named Fable.

IMG 3999 - Our New Amazing Puppy Class Instructor Jadyn

So congratulations to Jadyn for completing our puppy class trainer program. There are going to be hundreds if not thousands of puppies whop grow up to be amazing dogs due to all the hard work, effort and dedication you have put in.

If you want to enroll your pup in one of Jadyn’s classes (or the phenomenal instructors at our other 3 locations), please use this link.

Don’t delay. Because we limit our puppy class sizes to ensure its a great class for you and your puppy, they tend to sell out early.

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This post was written by: David Codr