Mila the Australian Shepherd Mix’s Omaha Puppy Training

By: David Codr

Published Date: August 17, 2023

Omaha puppy training

Australian Shepherd mix Mila is sitting pretty after her Omaha puppy training session with Victoria.

Mila’s parents signed her up for our Puppy Head Start (PHS) program; a crash course on how to raise the perfect puppy. Many new puppy parents accidentally do things that train their pup to do the opposite of what they want. Knowing what to do and avoid in the first few weeks can have a major impact on your puppy.

Mila’s parents did almost as amazing as she did in this in home puppy training session. She was jumping for joy when she met her new freind and puppy class instructor Ms Victoria. After Mila shared a shower of the sweetest puppy kisses, Victoria chatted with her family about their goals, checked out her equipment and gave her a tasty collagen stick.

Many people dont know that mouthing, biting and nipping are 3 of the 5 most common puppy behaviors in order to get feedback and learn good mouth manners. Victoria shared a number of tips to help Mila develop bite inhibition, one of the most important lessons for any puppy to learn. Its important to cover this early and often. The window to develop bite inhibition (also known as a soft mouth) closes at 5 months.

We love Omaha puppy training sessions as they an make such a substantial difference in young puppies. Our PHS program combines Omaha’s best puppy classes with an in home visit from one of our instructors, like Victoria. In these in home Omaha puppy training visits we share some of the most important puppy class secrets parents need to raise the perfect puppy.

Victoria showed the family how to teach this cute little pup how to sit, shared a tip that will accellerate her training, how to take advantage of the Critical Socialization Period all puppies go through, an easy way to prevent separation anxiety, potty training and more. Mila showed how intelligent she was by picking things up super quickly.

Victoria walked her family members through all the techniques and exercises until they were getting the same results she did. Victoria loves teaching people how to read, relate and train their pups so this was a lot of fun for eveyone involved. She also pointed out some of the more frequent mistakes we have seen from the 10,000+ puppies who have come through our program.

Most adult dog problems become unwanted habits due to common mistakes that new puppy parents frequently make.  That’s why we developed this Puppy Head Start program. Those first few weeks in a new home can be the difference between a pup growing up into a mischevious adult dog or one who is a joy to have around.

Mila’s parents are getting a huge head start on raising the perfect adult dog. We are always invigorated when puppy parents are charged up and motivated to put in the time necessary to give their pups all the advantages needed to grow up into an amaing adult dog.

Towards the end of the session, Victoria chatted with the family who had a number of great questions. After answeting all of their questins, she went over some additional tips  that her parents can use to get the most out of the positive puppy classes they will be attending over the next 3 months.

By the time the hour was up, Ms Mila was pooped and had difficulty staying awake. She finally crashed fo good on the floor as Voictoria wrapped up the session. That was a lot of learning for a young puppy.

If you have a new pup and are looking for the best Omaha puppy training available, we would love to have you enroll in one of our classes or do your own Puppy Head Start visit. Use this link for more information on our classes.

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