Easy Way to Stop Dogs From Pulling on the Leash in Omaha

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Need your dog to stop pulling on the leash on walks? This is one of the most common dog training requests we get and fortuantely for you, you came to the right place.

Dog Gone Problems has developed an easy Loose Leash Walking program that stops dogs from pulling on the leash using modern, positive based dog training methods. This program motivates your dog to walk next to you with a loose leash.

We DO NOT use any of the old-school punishment based training methods (no prong collars, no shock collars, no spanking, no jerking the leash, etc) as those methods dont work or if they have an impact, they do by causing your dog to feel stressed, frustrated and in some cases they can even cause some dogs to become aggressive.

We have helped clients put an end to their dog’s habit of pulling on the leash by develping an effective training program that is fun and easy. We first teach your dog the exercise in your living room where they can focus better. This speeds up the training process. Once your dog knows the exercise, we show you how to start practicing in distracting environments. By going slower now, you get to proceed faster later.

You can see some of the dogs we have trained to walk with a loose leash by checking out our commercial to stop leash pulling below.

How to Stop Pulling on the Leash Easily

Our Loose Leash Walking program consists of 4, one-hour in home sessions (one session a week) that train your dog to walk with a loose leash on walks. We will go over two exercises each week with you and your dog. We will do the leash training with your dog first as we show you the exercise, then coach you up while you work with your dog until you are getting the same results.

In between each week’s in home appointment, you spend a couple minutes a day practicing the exercises we show you to help your dog master them. One of the great thing about our program is how easy and efficient it is. It takes less than 15 minutes of practice a day and the practice is easy. In four weeks or less, your dog will be walking next to you and the days of your dog pulling on the leash will be history.

Stopping leash pulling is all about motivating your dog to want to walk with you. We accomplish this by conditioning your dog using positive reinforcement. Give your dog treats at the right time and int he right way cause you to become pretty interesting to your dog. As we progress, you need to treat less and less, but your dog still sees and checks in with you.

Note: This program is not available for dogs with human aggression behavior problems. If your dog is fearful or or aggressive to strangers, you can request help with behavior issues with this link.

But if your dog’s problems are just pulling the leash on walks, this is the program you have been looking for. Give us a few sessions and practice for a couple minutes a day for a month and you will have a lifetime of wonderful walks with your dog. Got multiple dogs? Our program will work for all of them and there is no additional charge to you!

To get more information or schedule your own in home sessions, fill out the form below. Our Booking Coordinator will call you to answer any questions you have and get you on the schedule if you like.