Talking Dog 2019 – Free Dog Training and Behavior Events at Elmwood Park

By: Becca Crowley

Published Date: May 23, 2018

Does your dog or puppy have some behavior problems you need help with? Doesn’t want to listen to you? Jumps up, barks for attention, digging, steals things, counter surfing? Is your dog fearful of people, noises or other dogs? Does your dog have an aggression problem?

This summer, Dog Gone Problems’ founder and Dog Behavior Expert David Codr will be presenting a series of free, dog training and behavior workshops on Saturdays at Elmwood Park in midtown Omaha. These workshops are designed to offer tips and suggestions to help people stop some of the most common dog behavior problems.

To date, David has rehabilitated over 4,000 dogs with all kinds of problems in only one visit. He accomplishes this by helping you understand things by seeing it from the dog’s perspective, then sharing dog psychology secrets to stop the problem for good.

In addition to fixing dog behavior problems in Omaha, David travels around the country helping people  with their dogs, developed and teaches Omaha’s Best Puppy Socialization Classes and has been writing a dog behavior advice column for the Omaha World-Herald for the last 5 years.

Unlike many of the dog trainers in Omaha, David is 100% force free and only uses modern, positive dog training techniques. He does not use pain causing tools like shock collars, choke chains, prong collars, harsh leash corrections, alpha rolls or other out of date aggressive and unnecessary punishment based approaches (Often referred to as “balanced” trainers).

David’s approach works so well as he shows people what they are doing that is confusing to their dog, then how to fix it. He is also amazing at helping people understand where their dog is coming from. Knowing the why is a crucial aspect in fixing any problem so its not wonder people call him a “Dog translator.”

We would like to thank the The Green Spot, Dogtopia, Bucky’s Convenience Stores and Omaha Dog Parks Advocates for supporting these events and helping us help you with your dog. They will be giving away gifts for the dogs as well as some prize packages to people who RSVP. Additionally, everyone who attends will get one free day of dog daycare compliments of Dogtopia.

Each workshop will cover a different dog behavior or training topic, followed by a Q&A session where you can ask questions about any dog behavior problem you have. Here is a list of the workshops and their topics:

  • Saturday May 25th @ 11 AM – Help for Dogs and Puppies Who Don’t Listen
    This workshop is for anyone who has a dog with selective hearing. Dogs who either refuse to listen or are so excited they act as if you aren’t there no matter how many times you tell them to do something. In this first workshop, David will show you easy ways to motivate your dog to want to do what you ask, the first time.
  • Saturday July 27th @ 11 AM – Building Confidence in Fearful dogs
    Its heartbreaking to see a fearful dog in a panicked state. The anxiety can have long lasting impact on a dog’s confidence leading to even more fear and stress. In this workshop David will show you how to help the dog gain confidence by creating positive associations with the things it fears using Dog Psychology and positive reinforcement.
  • Saturday Sept 21st @ 11 AM – Stopping Dog Aggression
    The most serious dog behavior problems any guardian can have is a dog who acts aggressively to other dogs or people or both. David will show you how to recognize your dog’s triggers, then help your dog practice being near them without reacting through Behavior Adjustment Training; one of the easiest, and most effective ways to deal with dog aggression.

All of these workshops start at 11 AM on the Saturdays listed above on the South end of Elmwood Park in midtown Omaha. Thousands of people have attended these Talking Dog Workshops, so you want to RSVP and arrive a little early to get a good spot.

After each workshop’s main topic, David will take questions from the audience. So even if your dog doesn’t have the problems listed above, you can still get some free tips and dog behavior secrets that can help.

Elmwood Park is a dog friendly space and well behaved pooches are very welcome. However, we are asking anyone with dogs that have aggressive or reactive behaviors (such as anxiety, fears and nervousness) to leave their dog at home. We will show you how to help them at the workshops and you’ll get more out of them by listening to David instead of trying to calm or soothe your dog.

We recommend you bring a lawn chair, something to drink, paper and a pen as you will want to take down all the amazing dog training tips and secrets David will be sharing. Please tell your friends as well. We put on these workshops to help as many people as we can so tell your friends or bring them along with you.

So that we can make sure we have enough room, MAKE SURE YOU RSVP with this link to guarantee your spot.

After you RSVP, we will send you an email to confirm your spot is reserved along with a map to make it easy to find the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you at Elmwood Park on Saturdays this summer.


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This post was written by: Becca Crowley

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