Bio – Christina Ferency

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Christina left the DGP family in August 2023 to start her own dog training company, Double Rainbow dog training. She is an awesome person and amazing with dogs so we hated losing her but want to support her in her new endeavour.

Like most young children with an extreme love of animals, Dog Behavior Modification Specialist Christina Ferency grew up wanting to be a veterinarian. Well that was the plan up until she realized how much she disliked Chemistry.

Throughout college, Christina worked at a veterinary clinic and although her career path had moved away from animal medicine, she still knew she wanted to work with animals, specifically dogs.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a Bachelor’s in biology, Christina’s path led her to a job at the Nebraska Humane Society. At first she worked at Dog Daycare, then transitioned into woring as an Animal Care Giver. Three years later, her skills and work effort led to a promotion to work as a Behavior Modification Specialist.

Christina helped create their renowned dog behavior modification program known as Molly Project. Over 300 dogs a year go through this program; being evaluated to develop the best canine rehabilitation plan combined with a curated home placement approach. After working with the dogs, Christina, as well as the other staff, would coordinate specialized adoptions to place these dogs in the right homes as well as teaching the new owners how to manage and train their new companion.

While working at the NE Humane Society for over 13 years, Christina learned to work with dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments. She has worked with just about every dog behavior issue there is but her ara of expertice include; fears and phobias, separation anxiety, touch sensitivity, resource guarding, reactivity and aggression.

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Christina enjoys working with people just as much as the dogs. She has a knack for teaching guardians how to understand and communicate better with their four-legged family members. She especially loves to work with fearful dogs. Seeing fearful dogs open up and learn to trust is an experience she finds very rewarding.

At home, Christina has a small menagerie of critters. She has four dogs including two Chihuahuas, a Shih Tzu and a Toy Fox Terrier. She also has two ferrets, a Double Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot and an aquatic turtle. Her love for Chihuahuas is strong, and although she only has small dogs right now, she has an infinity for Pit Bulls.

During her free time, Christina loves to be outdoors. Hiking mountain trails and kayaking is where she is happiest. And having a dog tag along always makes it better.

Update: Christina has left the DGP family to start her own dog training business. We hated losing Christina, but still lover her to bits

If you are lookng for more information on what the amazing Christina is up to now, her new company website is: