Quest Gets Some Puppy Socialization Practice and Sneaks in a Few Kisses


During a puppy’s Critical Socialization Period, the more positive experiences your puppy gets, the better adjusted and confident it will grow up to me. Today Quest joined me for a shopping trip to Mrs B’s in Omaha where he met a few new friends as he gained some valuable puppy socialization experience.

Before we headed out to the store, I took Quest out for a 15 minute walk and then a short game of chase the ball in the back yard. Burning off some excess energy can help your puppy behave and listen better when in more advanced scenarios and situations. Just be sure to give it a cooling off period (usually about 15 minutes) before you move on to the next adventure.

Because of the exercise ahead of time and basic puppy obedience training we have been practicing every day, Quest was pretty well behaved as I shopped. Well, that was until he met a cute little girl and HAD to jump up and give her some puppy kisses.

While I got Quest to help me rehabilitate other dogs, I am also training him to be a service dog. There are a number of skills that apply to both jobs and as I have never trained a service dog behavior, I wanted to go through the process with my own personal dog before taking on that task for someone else while Im learning how. Service dog training is a serious endeavor.

Not every dog can be a service dog and so the jury is still out on Quest. He shows promise, but wont be able to jump up on and kiss every cute girl he runs across. Time will tell

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