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The Best Tips to Help Potty Train any Puppy Easily

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Published Date: February 19, 2017

Harley (left) is a nine-week-old German Shorthair Pointer / Golden Retriever puppy who was adopted into an Omaha home with existing dog Fifi, a three-yearold Chihuahua who barks a lot and was not very socialized. The guardians set up this puppy training session to help... Read More

Puppy Training Helps a German Shepherd Bounce Back from a Surgery Complication

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Published Date: October 18, 2016

15-year-old Westie Yoda (left) lives in Papillion, Nebraska with Cope, a five-month-old German Shepherd. When Cope was neutered last week, there was a complication with the cone that he was wearing to keep him from pulling out his stitches. The complication resulted in a large... Read More

Quest Visits His First Farmer’s Market

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Published Date: August 22, 2016

As I have mentioned in many other video posts, the first three months of a puppy’s life (The Critical Socialization Period) is time that is invaluable for a pup’s development. Its also time you will never get back which is why you want to get... Read More

Quest Makes His First New Dog Friend

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Published Date: August 20, 2016

Its been about a week since I brought Quest home to my place in Omaha. I wanted to give him time to get settled before we started to socialize him with other dogs. It can take a dog a few days to a week or... Read More