A Free Omaha Puppy Kennel Training Video

By: David Codr

Published Date: March 1, 2024

Puppy Kennel Training

For this Omaha puppy class update, we teach German-Collie pup Pandora a puppy kennel training lesson.

Puppies should be confident and comfortable going into their kennel. Even if you don’t plan on kenneling your dog. Why? Vet offices, groomers, dog daycare and boarding facilities often utilize kennels. As the saying goes, it’s better to know how to do something and not need it, then need and and not know how. Many dogs and puppies become fearful of the kennel due to people putting them inside without first training them.

Teaching a puppy that its kennel is a safe and positive place is so important, it’s one of the first lessons we cover in our Puppy Kindergarten class.

A Force-Free Puppy Kennel Training Lesson

We use a force-free kennel training method that motivates puppies to not only go in their kennel, but enjoy hanging out in there too. By breaking down puppy kennel training into 4 easy steps, we’re able to remove the negative association of the kennel and make it into the puppy’s safe, happy place. If you have a puppy that does not like to go into their kennel or would like to know the secret way to kennel train a pup you should check out the free, positive, puppy kennel trining video below.

An important puppy training tip is to practice this lesson when you do not have to put your puppy into their kennel. This way you are able to make the lesson all about a positive association with the kennel. As we mention in the video closing the door is one of the most difficult steps so we work up to it at the puppy’s pace. These are 2 tips that the best puppy class instructors use for their students.

For this class, the puppy class instructor selected Pandora to demonstrate this puppy kennel training lesson because her mother mentioned she is fearful of the kennel at home.

In the video below, taken from Pandora’s Omaha puppy kindergarten class, you can see that she is a little uncomfortable about going into the kennel at first. However, because her instructor stayed on the first step, and repeated it with positive motivation, Pandora started going to the kennel faster and faster. We love helping puppies get over their fears.

Summary on Puppy Kennel Training

  • Toss high value treats into the kennel, and let your pup retrieve them at their own pace.
  • Once your pup is comfortable entering and exiting the kennel, start shutting the door while they are inside.
  • Don’t latch the door at first, this gives them the opportunity to exit if they are afraid.
  • Practice this game daily to build their confidence.
  • Being comfortable in a kennel is necessary if your puppy will visit the groomer, or be left home alone.

For puppy kennel training and more positive puppy lessons, click here for more information or to enroll your pup today.

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