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By: David Codr

Published Date: March 5, 2024

Avery Sedlacek

Dog Gone Problems’s Dog Behavior Specialist Avery Sedlacek joined the Dog Gone Problems team after working in the Nebraska Humane Society’s behavior department.  Avery has a Bachelors in Companion Animal Science from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and 4 years of dog training experience. 

Avery’s love for animals started as a young child, but dogs were always her favorite. Avery has worked with dogs of just about every size, shape, temperament, and breed. Her passion for dog training spiked when she was on a family vacation and found a Pit Bull mix on the side of the road who had been dumped there with no one to care for her. Ever since she took that dog home from the street, Avery’s life has been all about dog training. 

Avery Sedlacek’s Education

During her studies to receive her Bachelor’s in Animal Science, Avery got an internship with a professional dog trainer to help her understand the how and why behind dog training. She gained hands-on experience in puppy classes, off-leash obedience training, and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) classes. 

Avery took advantage of that opportunity, enrolling her Pit Bull mix Roxy into the CGC classes to exclude her from Majority Pit Bull rules in the city of Omaha. Roxy completed 2 CGC classes with Avery and now has 2 certificates ensuring she does not need to be muzzled or harnessed in public and has become an ambassador for her breed. 

The Nebraska Humane Society jumped on the opportunity to hire Avery to work in their behavior department. In her time at NHS, Avery helped rehabilitate dogs who would come in the shelter needing extra support for extreme fearful or unruly behaviors. 

Avery Sedlacek Dog Behavior Specialist

Avery would start this process by reading their body language and adjusting their training plan based on their responses to human interaction. Avery also assisted dog guardians in troubleshooting behavioral issues in their homes to help them achieve success for these deserving shelter dogs from NHS. 

That job helped Avery gain an understanding of fear-free handling and positive reinforcement training through hundreds of hours of hands-on work. Those experiences helped shape her training style and further develop the skills she brought to the Dog Gone Problems team.

Avery Sedlacek’s Passion to Help Dogs

Avery loves helping people better understand their dog’s body language. She appreciates how dogs can show you exactly how they are feeling without saying anything verbally. Helping dog owners understand these non verbal cues to benefit their relationship on a personal level is Avery’s favorite motivator when it comes to dog training. As Avery is fond of saying “The better your relationship with your dog, the better the outcome.” Avery loves sharing dog training secrets with her clients.

Avery Sedlacek works with a Great Pyrenese

Now employed as a Dog Behavior Specialist with DGP,  Avery is one of the most talents dog training professionals in Omaha.

One of Avery’s favorite activity to do with dogs is to teach teamwork and engagement. Building a bond and relationship with your dog is so important and one of Avery’s core values when training. Working as a team with mutual respect towards one another creates results that Avery strives for in a stress-free, positive environment.

These are just some of the reasons Avery Sedlacek is one of the top dog trainers in Omaha. Dog Gone Problems is very excited to add such a talented dog training professional to our team.

Booking a Dog Behavior Session with Avery Sedlacek

If you are interested in scheduling an in home Dog Behavior session with Avery, you can request a quote with this link. If you are in need of some in home dog training please, click this link. And if you have a puppy, you can find information on our puppy classes here.

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