Teaching a Santa Monica AussieDoodle to Stay Out of a Room to Build Control

By: Becca Crowley

Published Date: February 27, 2020

Jack SM AussieDoodle scaled - Teaching a Santa Monica AussieDoodle to Stay Out of a Room to Build Control

For this Santa Monica dog training session, showed 1 year-old Aussiedoodle Jack’s human how to teach him to leave a room and stay out of it to help him practice some self control.

Knowing that Jack likes to bark at people he doesn’t know, I arranged for his guardian to meet me outside. Things went perfectly using this trick to stop a dog from barking at unknown guests so Id recommend the guardian repeat this greeting with new guests in the future.

Being an Aussiedoodle, we spent a lot of time talking about the importance of regular exercise, structure and rewarding the dog for things we like such as coming, sitting or laying down. The more you reward a dog for the things it does that you like, the more they will repeat those actions.

Next I showed the guardian how to teach a dog to leave a room on command. I also went over how to teach the dog to stay out of the room on its own. You can learn how to use this positive dog training exercise yourself by watching the video below.

Jack follows his guardian everywhere and being a herding breed, Im pretty sure he thinks she belongs to hm and he needs to look after her. Training the dog to stay out of a room will help him practice some self control and see her acting like a leader. The more this happens, the less he will think he is in charge of her or needs to guard her or bark at her guests.

The guardian struggled when she practiced this trick to keep a dog out of a room. But after a few notes, she was doing great. She may eventually change careers and become a professional Aussiedoodle dog trainer!

Jack is going to test his guardian’s resolve. It will be important for her to remember that this isn’t being disobedient but checking to see if she is serious and can actually take over the leadership role. If she is consistent, and practices having the dog stay outside of the room a few times a day for progressively longer lengths of time, he will grow confident as well as practiced at this desired dog behavior.

To help the guardian remember everything we covered in this in home Santa Monica dog training session, we recorded a roadmap to success video.

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