4 Basic Puppy Obedience Training Tips

By: David Codr

Published Date: May 7, 2024

Puppy Obedience Training

We teach French Bulldog puppy Culture some basic puppy obedience training in this Omaha puppy class update.

We like to start young puppies off with some basic puppy obedience training because it’s easy for the humans and starts building puppy confidence. In addition to helping with their confidence you’re teaching your puppy some practical skills as well. Plus this sort of puppy training is easy and a lot of fun.

We go over 4 puppy obedience training lessons in 1 today; teaching your puppy to sit, lay (or lie) down, sit up, and stand.  These are basic tricks all puppies should learn at a young age. It was great to see Frenchy puppy Culture being eager and enjoy learning these 4 positive puppy training lessons.

We like to teach puppies to sit, lay down, sit up and stand all at once because these are easy exercises that are easy to teach together. To do this you’re going to need to have some tasty treats. 3 puppy pro training tips; hold treats in each hand, go to the next cue as soon as your puppy finishes, and saying the marker word when they’re successful.

In the free puppy training class video below you’ll see our instructor share tips on how to easily teach these 4 puppy obedience training lessons; sit, lay down, sit up, and stand.

As mentioned in the free positive puppy training video above, teaching a dog to lay down is one of the hardest of these 4 puppy obedience training cues. Another puppy training secret is to lure your puppy partially towards the floor and reward them for part of a down. This may seem counterintuitive, but giving your puppy a small reward in the middle of an exercise is a great way to keep them motivated.

You need to be patient when you’re doing puppy obedience training, Culture was a great example of this. He was very determined and focused on the treat but had difficulty learning that his instructor wanted him to lay down. Fortunately, his puppy class instructor was patient and used a puppy training secret to help him learn to lay down.

If you want to learn this puppy training secret, check out the free puppy class training video below.

These puppy obedience training exercises are easy to teach and a lot of fun for your puppy. These are probably the first 4 cues that most puppy parents teach their puppy, or at least it should be. We love teaching a puppy to sit because it is used a lot. We also love teaching a puppy to lay down, because it’s the next logical step.

1 additional tip we share in puppy kindergarten is to not teach a puppy to shake. This is one of the first lessons many puppy parents teach their pups and end up with an adult dog that paws at then for attention for the rest of its life. Wait until your puppy has a little bit more impulse control, you can always teach them to shake later.

2 additional tips, make sure that you are training your puppy in an environment that is free from distractions. As you saw in the video above, Culture got distracted by the other puppies which is a very common issue for puppy obedience training. The other tip is to make sure that your puppy is comfortable with the floor surface. Some smooth and shiny surfaces are harder for puppies to keep their grip and will cause them to not want to sit or lay down.

Summary of These 4 Puppy Obedience Training Lessons

  • Practice in a calm and quiet environment.
  • Hold treats in both hands so that you can go to the next cue right away.
  • Keep the treat pressed up against the puppy’s lips, if they stop following your lure, pull the treat back to their lips.
  • Make sure that your puppy is comfortable laying down on the surface, avoid overly slick surfaces.
  • Practice in short 1-2 minute practice sessions.
  • Try to run through all four cues 3 to 4 times each practice session.
  • Always make sure that you end on a success so the puppy remembers the lesson in a good light.
  • Make sure you are not introducing the cue words until it is easy to lure your puppy into position.
  • If you find that you are repeating the cue word over and over, it is too early to use it. Use your marker word instead.
  • Try to practice 3 times a day, in the morning, midday, and the evening.
  • Try to practice in different parts of your home.
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