Im Zeke, An Abused Rescue Dog Looking for a New Home

By: David Codr

Published Date: April 11, 2022

Hi there, my name is Zeke and I am a 1 year-old German Shepherd, Corgi and Border Collie mix who is looking for a forever home.

I had a bit of a difficult puppyhood. My previous guardian’s partner spanked me for making mistakes or doing things he didn’t like which lowered my confidence and trust over time.

When I was 5 months-old, he caught me getting into the trash. He was so mad he picked me up and threw me against the wall. That really did a number on me, making me bark at strangers, especially if I dont know them.

Fortunately my guardian recognized it wasnt a safe situation for me and surrendered me to Dog Gone Problems last year. They have been working with me on my fear of new people to help me get over my stranger danger.

After almost a year, I have gotten so much better. Im not barking at people unless they startle me, enjoy going on walks and have regained most of my mojo. Now, after I meet someone once, im all about loving them up and playing with them from then on out.

I love to play fetch, am potty trained, know some tricks and love laying down with good people for some relaxing time at night. I can be a goofball, like how I like to sleep with my top half on the bed while I stand with my rear legs on the floor.

Im definately a people dog. If you take the time to get to know me, from that point on, anytime you have the time for a petting session or have some treats, im there. Once you are my amigo, I’ll love to play, walk and hang out with you. Im probably better with females than males, but I’ll kiss anyone I know and love.

Since Im a young and active dog, I need a home with a fenced in yard. I have made several friends since I was given to DGP. Here is one of my favorite people, Laura and her dog Rocco. Laura was instrumental in my rehabilitation. She was kind and took the time to help me in so many ways. She is one of my heart-humans.

Althought I can be friends with some dogs, I have some insecurities and the DGP people think I need to be the only dog in the home.  I want to be your buddy.

So if you are patient and understand that anxious and fearful resue dogs like me need a special guardian, and interested in adding to your family, Id love to meet you. Omaha is a big place. Hopefully there is someone out there who is looking to make a Zeke friend.

For more information, please send an email to my guardians at DGP at



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