Helping a Small Dog Get Over His Big Fear of Clippers and Being Groomed

By: David Codr

Published Date: July 6, 2020

Yogi Pom scaled - Helping a Small Dog Get Over His Big Fear of Clippers and Being Groomed

For this Council Bluffs dog training session we help 9 month-old Pomeranian Yogi get over his fear of the brush, trimmer and being groomed.

After yogi had a single bad experience with a new groomer, the dog started to hate grooming and grooming tools like clippers. Its not uncommon for a dog to dislike being groomed. Its a bit of an intimate experince for dogs and often groomers are rushing to finish cutting the hair of all the dogs which can make it even more unpleasant.

After sharing a number of other dog behavior secrets (like the fact that Walnut acorns and leaves are toxic to dogs), I set up my camera to film a number of tips to help dogs who dont like being groomed. Its not hard to train a dog to like being groomed if you use positve reinforcement and go at the dog’s pace. You can learn an easy way to help dogs stop biting when being groomed by watchingt the free positve dog training video on dog grooming tips below.

The best part about this secret to helping dogs get over a fear of the groomer or grooming tools is the dog gets to set the pace which is comforting and confidence building for the dog. You only move onto the next step once you confirm the dog no longer dislikes that part of grooming. You can do this with any breed of dog, even if you are not a professional Pomeranian dog trainer.

It was great seeing the dog forget to be scared of the brush. Same thing witnessing the dog get over its fear of the clippers. This is the power of positive dog training. Its easy, works quickly and it works for good.

To help the humans remember all the other positive dog behavior tips we covered in this in home Council Bluffs dog training session, we recorded a roadmap to success video.

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