Preparing for Your Pup’s Potty Needs on the Trip Home

Quest Discovers Himself in a Mirror

On the trip from Maine to Nebraska, we had a connecting flight in Chicago.

Flying with a puppy can be interesting. Some pups are calm and sleep the whole time (Quest did on his first flight). Others yelp, whine and bark non-stop. I wanted to share a little trick that may help you out when flying your pup home.

Before I left to get him, I stopped at Russell Stover and picked up several small boxes of chocolates. I handed these over to the ticket agent when we checked in, the gate ticket taker and the flight attendants.

I ended up not needing any help as Quest’s Breeder did such a great job of socializing him before I picked him up. But a little advance goodwill to airport staff can go a long way if your pup doesn’t have a good flight.

Potty breaks are an important element to consider when flying with a pup. I originally booked my connecting flight home with a long layover so we would have time to go outside to potty then get back through security. If you are going to fly your puppy home, Id suggest you do the same. With TSA these days, you never know how long the line will be.

But in my case, Quest’s Breeder Linda McSherry had introduced puppy pads in the whelping box. Because the dogs were already using that, she said I should be able to get him to go potty in the men’s room.

However when we got inside, something else caught Quest’s attention.

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