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How to Use Rules and Structure to Help a Nervous Dog Relax Around New Dogs and People

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Published Date: February 1, 2017

Maggie (right) is a nine-year-old Collie Lab mix who lives in Papillion with Lucy, an eleven-year-old Brittany. The dog’s guardians set up a dpg behavior training session with me to address Maggie’s fear of new people, leash aggression towards other dogs and Lucy’s habit of... Read More

Helping an Anxious Chocolate Lab Puppy Get Over Her Fear of Strangers

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Published Date: December 9, 2016

Jordan is a six-month-old Chocolate Lab who lives in the Pacific Palisades. Her guardians set up a puppy behavior training session with me to address a few unwanted behaviors; getting over excited when family members come home, jumping up on grandparents on the couch, chewing, door dashing... Read More