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About David Codr

We are a team of dog behaviorists and trainers who use positive reinforcement and dog psychology to help dogs learn how you want them to act and behave.

We are completely force free, never use punishment based tools (such as pinch collars, shock collars, choke chains, etc) or dominance based methods (alpha rolls, harsh leash corrections, etc).

If you are tired of rearranging your life due to dog problems, give us a call. You can have a calm, well mannered dog tonight.

Some Tips on Training a Dog to Come When Called

training a dog to come
March 3, 2023 3:41 pm Published by

For this Pacific Palisades dog training session we worked with 1 year-old Bouvier de Flandres Bruno, training a dog to come when called. Knowing he liked to jump up on people, I had treats in my hands when I knocked on the door for the... Read More

Some Tips to Stop Dogs From Barking at Other Dogs

stop dogs from barking
February 24, 2023 4:12 pm Published by

For this Woodland Hills dog training session we worked with a family of Australian Shepherds; Jake, Tokey and Uno, sharing tips to stop dogs from barking at other dogs. I started working with the dogs behavior as soon as I walked through the front door.... Read More

Helping a Sheltie with Her Dog Aggression Problem

Dog Aggression
February 17, 2023 11:41 am Published by

For this in home Omaha dog behavior training session we helped Sadie, a 6 year-old Sheltie with her dog aggression issues. Sadie’s guardian reached out for help with a variety of behavior issues including struggling while being left alone and anxious behavior throughout the day.  The... Read More

Bio – Lydia Ross

February 3, 2023 1:02 pm Published by

Lydia poses with Quest who gives her the Dalmatian seal of approval to pet him 24/7 As someone who was adopted multiple times as a young child, Dog Trainer and Puppy Class Instructor Lydia Ross has a unique perspective when it comes to dogs; especially... Read More

An Easy Way to Stop Resource Guarding in Dogs

January 31, 2023 12:05 pm Published by

For this West LA dog training session we worked with 1 year-old Teacup Poodle Loumi, going over tips to stop resource guarding in dogs. As a Dog Behvaior expert, many of the dog behavior problems I am hired to fix are caused by the dog’s... Read More

Bio – Jenna Horton

January 17, 2023 1:14 pm Published by

Jenna conducting an in home dog behavior session with a dog who has a food guarding problem Dog Gone Problems’ Dog Behavior Consultant Jenna Horton is now available for in home Omaha dog behavior modification appointments. Jenna Horton Biography . It started with bugs, lizards... Read More