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How to Train an Excitable Dog to Calm Down around New Dogs Using Counterconditioning

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Published Date: October 30, 2017

For this Omaha dog training session we were asked to train two-year-old Goldendoodle, Winnie, to calm down when seeing new dogs using counterconditioning. When I first arrived Winnie was an excited dog and a little nervous about me coming into her home. Winnie had recently... Read More

How To Set Rules and Boundaries for an Excitable Labradoodle Puppy

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Published Date: September 18, 2017

Tobie is a three-month-old Labradoodle puppy who lives in Nebraska with three-year-old German Shepherd/ Shiba Inu mix, Hawkeye. Their guardians set up a puppy training session to give Tobie more rules and boundaries and gain leadership in the house. After I arrived, I sat down... Read More

Training Tips to Add Rules and Structure for a Hound Puppy

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Published Date: September 11, 2017

Captain is a seven-month-old Redbone Hound who lives in Omaha. His guardians set up a puppy behavior training session to help Captain stop resource guarding and gain leadership through rules and structure. When I arrived Captain was an excited puppy but calmed down quickly. When... Read More