Helping 4 French Bulldogs Develop Self Control with Some Positive Kennel Training

By: David Codr

Published Date: October 21, 2019

Nolo Willow Lou and Lelo - Helping 4 French Bulldogs Develop Self Control with Some Positive Kennel Training

For this Omaha dog training session we worked with Four French Bulldogs; doing some positive kennel training to help (from left) Nolo, Willow, Lou and Lelo develop self restraint and control.

One of the guardians was skeptical that the dog’s behavior could change. But all living creatures change and modify their behavior every day. Often its unintentional, but it most certainly happens.

I shared a number of tips such as petting with a purpose, increasing exercise, rewarding desired behaviors and the importance of rules when you have multiple dogs in the same house.

As Omaha’s dog behavior expert, I try to look for ways to have people practice the things they want in offshoots. Saying I want dogs to develop self control is great, but what specific actions are you going to use?

I like to use operant conditioning combined with creating situations where the dog only has a few options. When it does the one I want, it gets rewarded. A great example of this is training a dog to stay calm before you let it out of the kennel. You can learn how to teach a dog to stay calm in the kennel by watching the free positive dog training video below.

Teaching a dog to stay calm in a crate is easy with this approach. Its not normal for a dog to stay calm in the crate when its about to be released. You need to train your dog to stay calm in the crate in small steps. The good news is its pretty easy. You don’t have to be a professional French Bulldog dog trainer to do this. You just need time, patience and close observation.

To help the guardians remember all the other dog behavior tips I shared with them in this in home Omaha dog training appointment, we recorded a roadmap to success video.

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This post was written by: David Codr