Tips to Help Stop Dog Aggression Towards New Puppies

By: David Codr

Published Date: November 5, 2020

dog aggression towards puppies

In this Omaha training session, we addressed 12 year old Shih Tzu mix Simon’s, dog aggression towards puppies, especially his new roommate, 3 month old Goldendoodle Tequila.

Because Simon has gone after the puppy a few times, their guardians have kept them separated, which is a good maintenance plan. While it stops the fights from happening, isolation won’t help stop him from acting aggressive toward Tequila when they’re reunited.

After sharing a ton of dog and puppy behavior tips and working with the pups, it started to get dark so I handed my camera to one of their guardians to share some tips to help an adult dog learn to like a new puppy in the home. Check out the easy ways to help a dog learn to like a new puppy by watching the free positive dog training video below.

Dog Aggression Towards Puppies

These are easy ways to stop an adult dog from acting aggressive towards a puppy. They don’t take much time, but need to be repeated often. I’d like the guardians to practice these secrets to helping dogs get along with puppies every day for a month. The goal is to create positive interactions between a puppy and adult dog to help them become friends. These tips to stop dog puppy aggression are cumulative.

Helping Dogs get Along with Puppies: Dog and Puppy Behavior Secrets

Dogs often exhibit different reactions when interacting with puppies versus adult dogs. While some dogs may greet a new puppy with enthusiasm, others might react with jealousy or annoyance. Older dogs, especially those used to being the only pet, may be sensitive when a new puppy is around. To make sure dogs get along, give older pups extra attention and reassurance when bringing a new puppy home.

Puppies typically begin behaving like adult dogs around 12-18 months old. However, they may still exhibit puppy-like behavior until they reach about two years old. They require plenty of stimulation, companionship, and activity.

Similar to human teenagers, puppies may engage in testing behaviors during this developmental stage. This kind of behavior could be upsetting or irritating to an adult dog.

The best way to avoid dog aggression towards puppies is to socialize dogs as much as possible, especially from a young age. Dogs get along best when they are both used to new experiences and meeting new dogs and people frequently.

Tips to Stop Dog Aggression Towards Puppies and Help Dogs Get Along

I recommended having the dogs together when the puppy is in a more mellow mood. Picking the right times, like after a puppy class or a puppy play date, when the pup is tired are ideal. If the guardians can build up a ton of positive shared experiences and closely monitor the dogs when they are together, I’m optimistic that the dog-puppy fights will stop for good.

To help a dog stop being aggressive towards a puppy, try having them engage in an activity they both enjoy early on. This can help them bond and build a positive relationship.

Choose activities that are fun and stimulating for both dogs. By doing this, you can redirect their focus and energy towards something positive. After working on this and the other exercises mentioned in the video above, you can eventually move on to things like taking both dogs on a walk together.

Sometimes dogs need time to get used to a new puppy. Don’t worry if your adult dog isn’t immediately excited about the new addition. But by committing to daily practice over the next month or so, Simon and Tequila’s guardians can lay the groundwork for lasting harmony between these soon-to-be friends.

It’s going to take some time and patience, but the potential for a strong bond between the dogs is within their parents’ reach. With dedication and perseverance, they can stop the adult dog aggression towards their new puppy, and the dogs can forge a friendship built on trust, understanding, and mutual respect.

To help the guardians remember all the positive dog and puppy behavior tips we shared in this in-home training session, we filmed a roadmap to success video that you can watch below.

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