Tips to Help an Adult Dog Stop Acting Aggressive to a New Puppy

By: David Codr

Published Date: November 5, 2020

For this Omaha dog and puppy training session worked with 3 month old Goldendoodle Tequila and her roomie, 12 year old Shih Tzu mix Simon, sharing tips to stop Simon from acting aggressive with the new puppy.

Because Simon the adult dog has gone after the puppy a few times, the guardians have keep them separate which is a good maintence plan. While it stops the fights from happening, isolation won’t help stop the adult dog from acting aggressive to the puppy.

After sharing a ton of dog and puppy behavior tips, it started to get dark so I handed my camera to one of the guardians to share some tips to help an adult dog learn to like a new puppy in the home. Check out the easy ways to help a dog learn to like a new puppy by watching the free positive dog training video below.

These are easy ways to stop an adult dog from acting aggressive to the puppy. They dont take much time, but need to be repeated often.

Id like the guardians to practice these secrets to helping dogs get along with puppies every day for a month. The idea is to start to build up positive association and interactions between them to help a puppy and adult dog learn to be friends.

I recommended having the dogs together when the puppy is in a mellow mood. Picking the right times, like after puppy class when the pup is tired are ideal. If the guardians can build up a ton of positive shared experiences and closely monitor the dgs when they are together, Im optimistic that the dog puppy fights will stop for good.

To help the guardians remember all the positive dog and puppy behavior tips we shared in this in home Omaha puppy training session, we filmed a roadmap to success video that you can watch below.

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