Welcome to Quest Ed

Welcome to Quest Ed

Welcome to Quest Ed.

My name is David Codr and I am a Dog Behaviorist who will be adopting a little Dalmatian puppy named Quest.

Because I get so many requests from new puppy guardians looking for tips on raising their new pups, I decided to keep an online journal of sorts. I’ll be detailing how I raise this little guy to help me rehabilitate other dogs.

The goal here is to lay out a road map of how to raise a confident, outgoing and well behaved dog. So if you have a puppy and are looking for some help with potty training, leash training, puppy training, socialization or which puppy classes to sign up for, you came to the right place.

Quest was born on May 25th, 2016 and I will be picking him up from his Breeder Linda McSherry of Patch Mountain Dalmatians in Maine. Linda has been breeding Dalmatians for 30+ years and does many things to put her little puppies in a position to have an amazing life. But Im getting a little ahead of myself. We will cover how to find and pick the right breeder in another post.

Before we get to meet little Quest in person, I wanted to share a quick video about me, my dogs and what we want to accomplish with Quest Ed.

Click the “Quest Ed’ link at the top of DogGoneProblems.com to access other posts about Quest’s socialization and training.

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