Teaching a Dog to Come When Called While its Swimming

By: David Codr

Published Date: July 7, 2020

Pearl scaled - Teaching a Dog to Come When Called While its Swimming

For this Waterloo dog training session we share tips to get 15 month-old Great Pyrenees Newfoundland mix Pearl to come when called while swimming.

Before we got to the dog refusing to come when called while swimming, we addressed a number of other dog behavior tips. Many people forget one of the most important things to consider when a dog doesnt listen, its respect for your authority. Im not talking about dominating a dog, I mean are your actions and interactions sending the message you intend to send. For the most part, Pearl’s family does, but we fond a few areas they can improve.

Pearl is really a wonderful dog and she lucked out in her new home as her guardian is dedicated to doing the right things for her dog; multiple walks a day, listening to her and giving her an awesome home and life to love.

To teach the dog to come when swimming, I got out a long 20 foot line and then headed to the back yard so she could get into the water. You can learn how to train a dog to come when called, even around distractions like the water or ducks, by watching the free positive dog training video below.

Now at first its going to be easier to get the dog to come when called when there are not any distractions around. If there are ducks around, the recall is going to be more challanging until enough practice has been made. The more the humans reward the dog when it comes to them on its own, wihtout being called, the better chances they will have of getting the dog to come when ducks are present. Teaching a Great Pyreneese mix to come is all about building success on top of success.

Practicing recall or the come command when ducks are nearby but at a distance with the dog on the leash will improve the dog’s response and give the humans the tools they need when the dog decides to ignore the come command. They should avoid pulling unless absolutely necessary.

When Pearl doesn’t come when her family calls her, they need to see that as an indication that they need to practice at a distance. You have to establish a behavior in the easiest capacity first, then work your way up to the more challanging scenarios. It takes practice, but Pearl did so well it shouldnt be hard.

To help Pearl’s family remember everything we covered in today’s in home Waterloo dog training session, we filed a roadmap to success video.

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