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Do you have a dog who is aggressive to other dogs? Or is your dog human aggressive? These are two of the most frustrating dog behavior problems out there.

No one wants to have an aggressive dog, but few people know how to fix it? Luckily for you, we do.

After working with literally thousands of dogs, we have tried and tested a number of dog rehabilitation methods with varying degrees of success. In fact it wasn’t until our founder’s own dog started to show some signs of aggressive behavior that we found the solution we now share with other people.

Its called Behavior Adjustment Training or sometimes referred to simply as BAT. The reason we are so fond of this approach is it actually teaches the dog to come up with a different behavior on its own. Other methods show you how to micromanage your dog; telling it what to do or managing the situation by moving away.

BAT helps dogs learn that there are other, non aggressive ways to disagree with dogs you don’t like. Most dogs act aggressively due to fear or frustration due to their humans not reading their body language warnings or putting them into situations where the dog thinks it needs to take care of the problem itself.

BAT works for dogs who are human or dog aggressive. We create staged scenarios where your dog feels safe, then help it practice other behaviors instead of lunging at people, snapping or nipping at dogs, barking or growling.

This is the epitome of Dog Psychology as the dog figures out the new behavior on its own. We provide it a little help through guidance and controlled environments so we can put your dog in a position to succeed.

If you have a human or dog aggressive dog (or dogs) we can help you. Fill out the request form and one of our staffers will give you a call to explain how BAT works, answer any additional questions you may have or sign you up for the program.

Behavior Adjustment Training