Great Tips to Training Two Big Dogs to Stop Running Out of the Kennel

By: Sam Kanouse

Published Date: October 14, 2017

NovaPrincess - Great Tips to Training Two Big Dogs to Stop Running Out of the Kennel

In this Omaha dog training session we helped two Pit Bulls, named Nova and Princess, to stop running out of their kennel by building self control.

After I arrived I sat down with Nova and Princess’s guardians to talk about their main dog behavior concerns. I noticed that the dogs didn’t have a lot of rules in place. When dogs don’t have a lot of rules in place they may start to take on the leadership position. To help with this I gave the guardians some new rules to put in place to help the dogs look to their guardians for direction and leadership.

One of the main concerns for Nova and Princess was getting the dogs to stop barging out of their kennels. Whatever energy the dogs have in their kennel is what they will take with them when they come out of their kennel. So, if the dogs are really excited in their kennel, they will bring all of that excitable energy out of the kennel with them. To help them calm down and stop running out of their kennel I trained the dogs to wait and gain self control. To see how I accomplished this, watch the video below.

If it was hard to see in the video, in the beginning Nova kept pushing his nose into the kennel door. As we continued with this exercise he started to learn to stop pushing on the kennel door and wait patiently for the door to be opened all of the way. I gave the guardians the command word “Release,” when letting the dogs out instead of the word “Ok.” Okay is a common word that we say all of the time and we could be unknowingly releasing our dogs from a stay or other commands by accidentally saying the word OK.

By the end of the session Nova and Princess were calmly sleeping on the floor and looking to their guardians for direction. To keep up with this good behavior I want the guardians to continue to use our Petting with a Purpose technique to reward the dogs for good behavior and use our Escalating Consequences to disagree with them. We wrapped up this session with Nova and Princess’s Roadmap to Success video, which you can watch below.

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This post was written by: Sam Kanouse