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If you are looking for help with your dog’s behavior, boy have you come to the right place. Over the last decade we have seen it all. From fearful dogs to anxiety problems, stress, aggression as well as training needs.  We work with dogs and puppies of every breed.

Our office is based in Santa Monica so most of our clients are on the west side, but we service clients throughout the LA area.

We do all our sessions at your home where your dog feels the most comfortable and where many of the issues happen. We exclusively use modern, reward-based methods and dog psychology to fix dog behavior problems.

We are very much a teach you to fish kind of organization. We will go over the technique or exercise with your dog until its performing for us, then coach you up through the same method until you are getting the same results. Our ultimate goal is to teach you so well that you can replace us.

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Dog Gone Problems founder David Codr works with a human fearful terrier.

Since 2012, Dog Gone Problems founder and Dog Behaviorist David Codr has fixed over 4,000 dogs in only one visit. Dogs with more complex problems (fear, stress, aggression and anxiety) sometimes need follow up sessions, but our goal is to help you in as few sessions as possible.

We are 100% vacinated for CoronaVirus (shot + booster) and wear masks at all our sessions just to make sure everyone stays safe. If you have an outdoor area and want to do the session there, that works too. Your safety is a top priority for us.

Most dog behavior problems come from humans. So while we will be working with your dog, we will also be working with you. This is one of the reasons we get such amazing results for our clients. We show you anything you  may be doing that contributes to the problem as well as how to fix it. This allows our clients to progress twice as fast in their dog’s rehabilitation.

During your session, we will shoot a video on the solution to your dog’s most pressing issue and a summary video at the end to make it easy for you to remember all the tips and secrets we will share with you.  After your session, we will create a page on our website with those videos so you can reference and review them as often as you need.

If you are ready to address your dog’s behavior issues, we’d love to assist you. To get a quote for an in-home session, fill out the form below. We will give you a call to discuss your dog’s issues and how we can help.

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