Quest Heads to Wiig Codr for Some Critical Socialization Experiences


Now that Quest has settled into his new home its time for him to start going out to experience new people, places and things during his critical socialization period. I decided to take him to my parent’s offices at Wiig Codr first so he could meet my parents and brother.

My brother Jim was getting into his car to head out to an appointment when we pulled up. He threw his head back with a big laugh when he saw me carrying little Quest. Its hard to really make out how small he is in these photos.


Jim and I chatted in his car for a few minutes while he held and petted Quest. It only took a few minutes of petting him before Jim put Quest to sleep. He hasn’t had a dog in a few years, but Jim certainly hasn’t lost his touch.

After bidding Jim farewell, we were ready to go inside and meet my parents who didn’t know we were coming.

I was stealthy coming through the lobby so no one could see us. Once I got outside my parent’s office, I put Quest on the floor and he walked in while my mother was looking the other way, perfect!

As soon as she saw Quest, my mom let out an extended “aaaawww” before scooping him up for some love and attention. Lets just say that Quest ate it up, lol.

I was so glad I stopped by. Both Quest and my mother seemed smitten with one another. The start of a beautiful relationship.

The only setback was the Patriarch of the Codr family was out of the office when we stopped by. Quest is actually named in part for him (Quest-Ed Cord Rasta) as my father’s nickname in the navy was Cord.

Quest didn’t let my father’s absence stop him though. He jumped up on the chair behind his desk as if to say he was going to run the show while my father was gone.


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