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Potty Training a Black Lab Pup Named Bear

bear black lab pup - Potty Training a Black Lab Pup Named Bear
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Published Date: December 1, 2015

Bear is a four month old Black Lab puppy who needs some potty training, doesn’t always listen to his guardians and hates his kennel; crying and whining when placed inside. I made sure to stress how important puppy socialization classes are for Bear’s development. The sooner... Read More

Taming Two Excited Puppies

img 8941 - Taming Two Excited Puppies
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Published Date: March 9, 2015

Aurora (far left) is a 7 week old Alaskan Husky who was adopted last week along with Carlos (middle), an 11 week old German Shepherd who was rescued from a bad / neglected situation (Dog was living in a barn, under nourished and filthy). The... Read More