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Helping a Deaf Catahoula Leopard Learn to Behave Better

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Published Date: December 9, 2015

Maddie (left) is a nine-year-old year old terrier mix who lives with Tioga, a one-year-old deaf Catahoula Leopard dog. Their guardian wanted me to work on Maddie’s protective behavior around high value treats and other food items along with over-barking at guests. For Tioga, the guardian wanted... Read More

Introducing Boundaries to Help an Excited Terrier Behave Better

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Published Date: November 23, 2015

Winston is a one-year-old Terrier mix who gets over excited when guests arrive, sometimes nips his guardian when she corrects him in an over excited state and is jealous of her boyfriend. It was quickly apparent by his greeting that a good portion of Winston’s problems were... Read More

Taking Time Helps Odie Learn to Calm Down and Control Himself

Published Date: November 17, 2013

Odie is a Chihuahua / Jack Russell Terrier mix. His owners contacted me for help with several behavioral problems. According to his owner’s email to me, Odie was “holding us hostage with some of his behavior.” When I arrived for the appointment, he was so... Read More