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Helping a Pair of Little Rescues in Their Forever Home

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Published Date: December 13, 2015

Peanut (left) is a rescue dog who has welcomed a new companion into her West Hollywood home. This new dog Chico (right), was adopted through MaeDay Rescue in Los Angeles. I previously worked with Chico (Formerly Winston) while he was being fostered. While I was discussing... Read More

A Dog Gone (Hot) But Fun Play Day

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Published Date: June 21, 2015

We hosted another dog play day at the DGP compound today, clockwise from bottom left; Farley, Avery, Brewton, Farley, Shunka. Cali Mishka and Oggy. It was a pretty hot day so the dogs started out with some chill time in the shade. Here Farley, Shunka... Read More

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