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Tips to Stop a Yorkie Rescue’s Barking

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Published Date: December 5, 2019

For this Los Angeles dog training session, we teach 9 year-old Yorkie Granny to Focus as well as some other tips to stop her from barking. Stopping a dog from barking isnt really teaching the dog a quiet command. You can teach a dog to... Read More

How to Stop a Dog From Resource Guarding Food

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Published Date: December 3, 2019

For this Omaha dog training session we shared tips to eliminate resource guarding in dogs to help Scout, a 5 year-old Plot Hound (not pictured) stop going after his roomies 3 year-old Shepard mix Atticus (left) and 2 year-old Yellow Labrador Wrigley when they get... Read More

Stopping a Cute Venice Beach Dog From Nipping People Who Move Quickly

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Published Date: August 15, 2019

For this Venice Beach dog training session, we use counterconditioning to stop 8 year-old Border Collie mix Charlie from nipping people who move quickly. Stopping a dog from nipping people using positive reinforcement isn’t something you need to be a professional Border Collie dog trainer... Read More

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