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Tips to Stop Dog Aggression in West LA

stop dog aggression
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Published Date: June 29, 2023

For this West LA dog training session we worked with a pair of Labs; Lucy and Moe, sharing tips to stop dog aggression. We started the session off by going over a number of dog behavior fundamentals; marker words, dog body language, dog consent and... Read More

Teaching a Pitbull to Stop Barking at the Door

stop barking at the door
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Published Date: September 30, 2022

For this LA dog training session we taught anxious 11-year-old Pitbull Roxie to stop barking at the door. Roxie was very aroused when I came into the home. She was both excited and what I interpreted as frustrated. Her pupils were dilated, her ears pinned... Read More

Helping a Dog Who Does Not Like Having the Leash Attached

does not like having the leash attached
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Published Date: December 23, 2021

For this Venice Beach dog training session we worked with Fiona, a five-year-old Pomeranian mix that does not like having the leash attached. We started up the session by going over dog behavior communication and dog training fundamentals. Using marker words, rewarding with good timing... Read More