Some Free Tips to Help a Puppy Learn to Enjoy Going for Walks

By: David Codr

Published Date: May 6, 2020

Taco - Some Free Tips to Help a Puppy Learn to Enjoy Going for Walks

For this virtual Los Angeles puppy training session we worked with Taco, a 9 month-old Chihuahua JRT mix who has separation anxiety and displays some insecurities on walks.

I did a telephone consult with Taco’s wonderful guardians a week or two before this session where we discussed some potty training tips.

We talked a little bit about some basic kennel training as well as how to set up a Long Term Confinement Area (LTCA). Im a big believer of using a LTCA for puppies as it prevents them from developing unwanted chewing habits and can also help it practice being alone which prevents separation anxiety in dogs.

Since Taco is already starting to show some signs of Separation Anxiety, I promised the guardians I would include a video that covers my preferred way to help dogs get over separation anxiety. You can get those tips by watching this video.

We also went over some basic puppy commands; teaching Taco to sit, lay down, sit up and stand. These basic commands help establish a good foundation for learning with positive reinforcement.

As puppies love to get into things we prefer they don’t, it will be. good idea to teach Taco to drop things as well as the leave it command. These commands are both easy to teach and very useful.

When Taco was first brought home, he had a health issue and the guardians were told to not talk him for walks. As a result, Taco has developed some insecurities manifesting with the puppy pulling to get back home on walks. Ive worked with more than a few dogs who dont like going for walks. This video I shot for another client includes a number of tips to help a dog or puppy learn to enjoy going for walks.

I included a few other tips to help a dog or puppy want to go on walks in the roadmap to success video at the end of this write up. There are many ways to help a dog learn to enjoy going for walks, even if you aren’t a professional Chihuahua mix dog trainer, as long as they are based in positive (force free) dog training, the dog or puppy learns to want to go for walks, making everyone happy. 

Now we may be opening up a Pandora’s box here. Once Taco learns that walks are fun, he may start exploring and not minding his guardians. If this becomes the case, I’d love to set up a Loose Leash walking session to stop any leash pulling. In the mean time, they can get started on teaching the dog to heel by watching this pre heeling video.

I also went over a few other creative ways to exercise Taco; the doggy stair master, feeding out of a snuffle matt, googling scent games or using an Omega Paw Treat ball to feed food or snacks. Make sure you check with your vet before starting any of these forms of exercise as some breeds have mobility concerns and often you want to avoid having a puppy do repetitive activities during heir development like the doggy stair master.

We also discussed the importance of rules for puppies as it helps create a healthy leader follower dynamic. Enforcing rules consistently, like staying behind an invisible line, are great ways for a dog to see us acting like leaders, from their perspective.

To help Taco’s guardians remember all the positive puppy training tips we covered in this in home virtual puppy training session, I filmed a roadmap to success video that you can watch below.
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