Teaching a Puppy to Potty Outside and Ring a Bell to Ask to Go Out

By: David Codr

Published Date: December 11, 2019

Summit - Teaching a Puppy to Potty Outside and Ring a Bell to Ask to Go Out

In this in home Santa Monica puppy training session, we shared potty training tips to help Summit, a 12 week-old English Lab who is having accidents in the house.

Summit’s guardian had reached out for help after starting to work with a trainer who wasn’t force free. Uncomfortable with that approach, she reached out to us about our puppy classes. Since they are not available in Los Angeles yet I shared a bunch of tips via email links to video lessons.

The main puppy problem the guardian wanted help with was puppy potty training. She was also interested in learning how to teach a dog to ring a bell to say it needs to potty. We headed outside so I could share some easy puppy potty training tips.

Teaching a puppy to potty outside is one of the most frequent requests for help I get for obvious reasons. Training the puppy to ring a bell let her family know when she needs to potty should be a quick way to stop accidents in the house. This is a great pair of things to do if your goal is stopping puppy accidents in the house.

To help the guardian remember all the puppy behavior tips we covered in this in home dog training session, we filmed a roadmap to success video.

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