Training a Cute Goldendoodle Puppy to Drop Things on Command

By: David Codr

Published Date: August 24, 2017

Scout is a four-month-old Mini Goldendoodle puppy who lives in West Omaha. His guardians set up this puppy training session to train a puppy to stop nipping, jumping, chewing, getting too excited and learn to drop things he steals.

Because Scout has been through our puppy socialization class, he has already mastered many of the basic puppy training skills and commands he will need to grow up into a well adjusted adult. Now thats not to say he is without puppy problems. He jumped up on the kids which was more of a problem with this family due to one of the kids overzealous fear / desire to avoid the pup.

I shared a number of suggestions for the family to help the daughter stop reacting so strongly anytime the puppy came near, whether it was jumping up or simply passing by. I recommended the family push slightly to have her engage with the dog in one additional small way each day. My hope is that this positive interactions will help the child stop reacting to what I observed as absolutely normal, non aggressive puppy behavior.

After the family mentioned was the daughter felt more confident when walking Scout I recommended that they have her do a walking circuit with him in the house. This will help the practice being together with her in a leader role and with a tool that helps her have more control.

I also shared a tip about redirecting Scout away from chewing on furniture using carrots. Because chewing furniture can be such a problem, I strongly recommended the family review the Quest Ed section of our website, especially the posts about setting up a puppy play pen and feeding out of toys as these will help greatly with the chewing issue.

Because Scout did like to steal things to get attention, I wanted to show the family how to train a puppy to drop things on command.

By practicing the drop exercise over and over with low value items, it shouldn’t take more than a week before Scout will happily drop anything that happens to be in his mouth. Training a pup to drop with this positive dog training method works quickly as long as you practice it consistently for a week or so.

Its going to be important for the parents to firmly apply consistent pressure to get the child to engage with the dog in one more way every day. They can do things to set Scout and her up for success by taking him to doggy daycare or for other forms of exercise before the kids get home from school to make it easier for the puppy to listen.

I recommended the family check out the Quest-Ed section of our website as there are tons of free puppy training secrets that will help them with many of the developmental puppy problems that will pop up as Scout grows.

Learning to drop things on command and firmly nudging the child into positive interactions with Scout should allow the family to see progress, even if it comes in small steps. This is a common approach when it comes to my work as a dog behavior expert, but slow and steady wins the race.

We wrapped up the session by filming a short roadmap to success video with a ton of puppy training tips that will help the family put these puppy problems behind them for good.

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