Tips to Stop an American Eskimo from Barking at People

By: David Codr

Published Date: September 4, 2019

Sasha - Tips to Stop an American Eskimo from Barking at People

For this Omaha dog training session we work with Sasha a 5 year old American Eskimo rescue dog who barks at guests and people who visit her home.

When dogs bark at people to disagree, its important to understand where the dog is coming from, i.e. why they think its ok to bark at people that way. In Sasha’s case, its primarily due to having lower self esteem and being confused as to her position or rank in the home. She wanted them to leave and also know they were doing things she didn’t approve.

We spent the first half of this in home Omaha dog training session discussing the leader follower dynamic, how to increase her daily exercise, motivate her to act more politely and reward desired behaviors through passive training.

There are a number of things you can do to stop a dog from barking at people. I run through a medley of tips to stop dog barking in the following free dog training video.

In this case, stopping a dog from barking at people starts with boosting Sasha’s confidence and establishing a healthy leader follower dynamic. Combined with all the secrets to stop dog barking highlighted in that video, the guardians should be able to help teach the dog to stop barking at houseguests.

To help the guardians remember all the tips we covered today, we filmed a roadmap to success video summing them all up.

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This post was written by: David Codr