Helping a Pair of Dogs Stop Acting Aggressive to Other Dogs

By: David Codr

Published Date: November 1, 2021

Roxie and Casper scaled - Helping a Pair of Dogs Stop Acting Aggressive to Other Dogs

For this in home dog behavior training session we share tips to stop Casper and Roxie from acting aggressive when they see other dogs.

Tips to Stop Dogs From Acting Aggressve to Other Dogs

Stopping dogs from acting aggressive to other dogs is all about making sure that your dogs feel secure and comfortable first, then creating positive associations with the other dogs. As a Dog Behaviorist, I love using the engage disengage game to stop dogs from barking at neighbor dogs.

If you’ve been searching for the secret to stop dogs from barking at other dogs, check out the free positive dog training video below.

It will be important for the guardians to set their dogs up for success. Practicing with Casper or Roxie individually will make matters easier. They can also exercise their dogs before practicing this exercise. It will just be important for the dog to have at least 10 minutes to rest and catch his breath before the practice starts.

I recommended that the guardians practice this exercise to stop dogs from barking or acting aggressive to the neighbor dogs couple of times a day. It’s best to practice in shorter sessions. Really the idea is to prevent the dogs from running around and acting as crazy as they did in the middle of the video, while you practice the replacement behavior as often as possible.

Getting Help with Dog Aggression Problems

Hopefully the guardians can speak with the neighbors and get their assistance. This will make it much easier to put a stop to this dog barking problem. Or if they are unable to coordinate with their neighbors, they should have a leash and treats handy and near the back door. That way they can grab one of the dogs and go outside to practice whenever they hear the neighbor dogs are let out.

Increasing the distance between the fence with some temporary fencing will help a ton. Managing the dogs access to the yard and avoiding it when the other dogs are there will help the dogs avoid practicing being aggressive to other dogs. Combined with this positive dog training exercise, the guardians can start working towards a bark free backyard.

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