Tips to Help a Rescue Dog with Separation Anxiety

By: David Codr

Published Date: May 12, 2020

For this Omaha dog training session we worked with 1 year-old Border Terrier named Herman, showing his guardians how to stop separation anxiety in dogs.

Herman scaled - Tips to Help a Rescue Dog with Separation Anxiety

Herman is a rescue dog that has had a few different homes in his short life. Herman has only been with his new guardians for a couple months, so he is still acclimating to life in his new home. After welcoming him into their house, Herman‘s guardians noticed he displays some separation anxiety problems.

Herman starts panicking long before his guardian has left, so we discussed some tricks on how we can help desensitize him to their departure routine. This video covers some free positive dog training tips about desensitizing a dog who has separation anxiety.

We covered some general ideas for rules for Herman like not being allowed on the furniture to help him see his new guardians acting like leaders when they enforce that no furniture rule. Once Herman’s guardians take away complete access to the furniture, Herman will need a place to call his own. Here’s a free dog training video that will cover how to teach Herman to use a dog bed.

Herman likes to chase his feline roommates, so I suggested that they teach him a Leave it command. Herman’s guardians have already put in place great protocol for Herman to keep him away from the cats. In case they need a refresher for the boundaries exercise, here’s another free dog training video to help him learn how to respect an invisible boundary.

To help Herman’s guardians remember all of the positive dog training tips we covered in this in home dog training session, here’s his Roadmap to Success video that you can view below.

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This post was written by: David Codr