Quest’s Last Dance with His Brothers and Sisters

Quest Says Goodby to His Brothers and Sisters

Well its almost time to leave for the airport and our trip to Quest’s new home. My flight got delayed a bit so we headed outside to let Quest to play with his brothers and sisters in the sunshine one last time.

It was a little bittersweet. Very happy to be heading home with Quest, but also a little bit hesitant, wanting Quest to soak up all the available time with his Breeder Linda McSherry and his litter mates.

I wish I knew of a way to keep this memory fresh in his mind forever.

A big THANKS to Linda, Sara, Richard, Quest’s mom Lyra and the rest of the Patch Mountain Team. You did an amazing job with Q and his litter mates. I simply can’t thank you enough and promise to cherish, love and take amazing care of this little guy.

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