Quest Visits His First Television Studio

Quest Visits KETV

Flying out to California to solve dog problems in Los Angeles once a month, I’ve run into several television execs who have talked to me about being a part of different TV projects.

I signed a NDA about the TV show, so I’m not allowed to talk specifics; but there is a good chance that Quest may end up working with me in the entertainment field.  So, I wanted to get him comfortable around cameras, studio lighting etc.

Our friends at KETV were nice enough to let us come down and hang out in the studio around a news broadcast. I forgot to shoot photos the first trip, so we got to hang out again a week later. Such a cool group of dog loving news-peeps.

This isn’t a Critical Socialization Period experience most people will need to expose their puppy to; but, if your dog may end up doing any TV work and you have access, it sure can’t hurt. Plus, I have to admit, it was a lot of fun.

On our first visit, it took a minute for Quest to get his footing, but when Brian started working with him, practicing some off-leash heel work, he strutted his stuff like no body’s business.

After the broadcast, Bill Randby let us interrupt his filming of promos to get Quest some camera practice time. Big thanks to my apprentice Brian for remembering to film it as I totally forgot.

Standing under the bright lights of a studio and having a camera in your face and circling you can be a bit unnerving for a puppy, but Quest did great. Well, that was up until he decided to try to chew on the mega power cables on the floor, lol.

After the studio, the station’s president Ariel Roblin was generous enough with her time to give us a tour of the rest of the station.

Quest and David Outside KETV control room

It was pretty cool seeing all the inner working of the station. Sure gave us a better perspective of how much work goes into the news and how long the staff is there. That’s something you really don’t appreciate when you watch it from home.

After our studio time and tour, Ariel took us into the newsroom where Quest got a chance to meet some of the staff.

I always make it a point to not film my client’s faces when shooting videos during my in home dog behavior sessions, and for some reason, I had the same mindset on our first visit to KETV.  This is why just about everyone is shot from the neck down in the above video.

On our return visit, Chinh Doan, Alex Alecci and the station’s Anchors Rob McCarthy and Julie Cornell took even more time out to play and hang with little Quest.

Quest and Rob M 1

Quest and Rob M 2

Quest was so happy to meet Julie he gave her a doggy high five.

Quest and Julie C 1

Then it got awkward when Quest didnt let go of her hand after a sec. #StillLearningSocialGraces

Quest and Julie C 2

I don’t know who is cuter in the pic, Quest with his sloppy kiss or Chinh Doan.

Quest and Chinh D

When you are a Dalmatian puppy, it’s pretty easy to make new friends. Everywhere we went, the super nice folks at Channel 7 wanted to say high and help Quest practice his commands and tricks.

That said, Quest thinks Alex Alecci took a little longer to deliver the treat than he would have normally liked, lol.

quest with alex

Also, we wanted to give a big shout out to Ariel’s assistant Crystal, who was our escort on the return visit.

Crystal & Quest at KETV

BTW, Quest would like Alex to take note of how many treats Crystal gave him right away, lol.

Our only regret is we didn’t get a chance to hang with our girl Kristyna Engdahl, who did a nice piece on Dog Gone Problems a little while back. Hopefully she will be there the next time we visit or does a story on a cute little Dalmatian down the road.

Thanks again to everyone at KETV for their hospitality. No wonder they are our favorite news team (Sorry Ron Burgundy).

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