How Carrots Can Help Stop Puppy Chewing

Anyone who has or has had a puppy knows they love to chew. As you can see in the above photo, Quest is no exception. Chewing is a natural thing for puppies as they explore and sample things with their mouthes. This habit usually gets worse... Read More

Quest Socializes with a Rabbit That is Bigger That He Is

During a puppy’s Critical Socialization Period, new experiences have a profound effect on how your dog grows up. I wanted to share another puppy training tip in this post, although it may be more accurate to call it a socialization tip. The bottom line is... Read More

Quest Meets the Codr Kids for Some Early Socialization

Many dogs are anxious or nervous around children. Kids are unpredictable, grab without warning, move faster than adults and make a high pitch scream that usually provokes a response in dogs. In fact, screaming with a high pitch and running away (which is what many... Read More

Quest Makes His First New Dog Friend

Its been about a week since I brought Quest home to my place in Omaha. I wanted to give him time to get settled before we started to socialize him with other dogs. It can take a dog a few days to a week or... Read More

Quest Visits His First Farmer’s Market

As I have mentioned in many other video posts, the first three months of a puppy’s life (The Critical Socialization Period) is time that is invaluable for a pup’s development. Its also time you will never get back which is why you want to get... Read More

Quest Learns to Use the Stairs

As a dog behaviorist I have had a few client’s with dogs who were fearful of stairs due to not experiencing them when the puppy was in its critical socialization period. I wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case with Quest. My home in... Read More

Teaching Quest How to Use the Dog Door

Because my Adult Dalmatian Farley has urinary stones, I installed a dog door a few years ago. It took Farley a little while to get used to it so I knew that I wanted to do a little puppy training to get Quest comfortable with it... Read More