Quest’s Education

I get a ton of questions on adopting, training and socializing puppies. So when I decided to get a Dalmatian puppy to help me rehabilitate other dogs, I decided to start a section on my website where people can follow along and benefit from all the research... Read More

Welcome to Quest Ed

Welcome to Quest Ed. My name is David Codr and I am a Dog Behaviorist who will be adopting a little Dalmatian puppy named Quest. Because I get so many requests from new puppy guardians looking for tips on raising their new pups, I decided to... Read More

Picking the Right Dog, Breed, Shelter and or Breeder

These posts are all about raising my purebred Dalmatian puppy Quest. But there are many different routes you can take when getting a new dog. I searched and interviewed over 40 breeders before I found Linda McSherry at Patch Mountain Dalmatians. I was determined to... Read More

Meeting Quest for the First Time

Exactly eight weeks after he was born, I flew out to Portland Maine to meet Quest for the first time and bring him home the following day. I wanted to meet him, then let him sleep at least once before I took him home. Puppies... Read More