Setting Up a Puppy Play Pen / Preparing for the Puppy (Before you bring it home)

Puppy Play Pen

So you have picked out a breeder or puppy to rescue from a shelter or rescue group (NEVER FROM A DOG STORE – That supports puppy mills which are EVIL!).

Doing a little prep work before you bring your new furry friend home will go a long way towards helping you and the dog. Trust me when I say puppies take a lot of observation so having a safe area to leave your puppy in when you have to do something is very helpful.

Many people start immediately kennel training their puppy, but a pup can only hold its bladder for one hour for each month in age. So unless you want to get up a few times a night or need to be able to get away to do things, connecting a play pen to your dog’s kennel with room for a puppy pad is a fantastic way to go.

This also allows your puppy to have some room to move around a bit. This helps when the puppy wakes up and wants to play in a way that they can’t in the kennel.

While one play pen (pen of 8 panel sections) is fine for a young puppy (under 10 weeks), puppies grow fast. I have a spare bedroom I don’t use so I decided to order a second play pen off Groupon and connect them together so that as Quest grows, he has more room to romp around.

Having this larger play pen can also give you a nice training area to work in with your dog. So if you have the room, Id strongly recommend getting two play pens and connecting them together and to the kennel.

I picked up the play pen seen here from Groupon but it ended up being to small / unstable for a medium to large breed dog so I upgraded to a heavier duty 40 inch tall version once Quest got a little bigger. Here are links to both on Amazon:

Pet Trex Playpen for smaller breed dogs

Pet Trex 32-40 Inch Black Playpen.

I prefer wire kennels as they fold down into a smaller profile. The plastic ones are pretty flimsy so unless you have a small breed puppy, Id stick with the wire version.

The wire versions also allow you to observe the dog inside more easily which can be beneficial for some kennel training exercises. Make sure it has a door and you bring the pup in and out through the door otherwise you teach them to go up and over to get out and you don’t want that.

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