Quest’s Potty Training Post – Potty Training Tips and Secrets


Potty training can be a frustraing time for many puppy parents, but if your follow these tips you can teach your pup to go outside in no time. You will need some treats and have an established marker word before you get started.

How to Potty Train a Puppy

Training your pup to do its business is easy if you use positive reinforcment and take your puppy out at the right times. Our concept teaches the puppy that eliminating where you want them to gets them a reward. If you are having a difficult time with this lesson, you should check out the free positive puppy potty training video below.

For most pups (and adult dogs), you should be able to train your pup to go outside in a week or two unless they have a UTI. Its should be noted, potty training is separate from teaching a dog to not mark in the home. Marking is intentional and needs a different treatment method.

A few additional potty training tips. Avoid leaving your puppy outside unattended as not rewarding when it goes outside can slow down your pup’s training. Dont tell your puppy to “potty” over and over. This can teach your puppy to ignore the word you want to mean do its business.

If you havent established a marker word already, here is a link to our marker loading training video.

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