Quest’s Potty Training Post – Potty Training Tips and Secrets


One of the first things any new puppy guardian wants their pup to master is potty training. In my work as a dog behaviorist, I see people make many mistakes when teaching their dog to eliminate outside.

Note, I tackled Quest’s potty training early on but forgot to film it so he is going to look a little bigger in this video than the previous post. So if he looks big now and smaller on the next post, that’s why.

In this first video I go over when a pup is likely to go, how to connect the command word with the act and how to make your puppy WANT to go outside.

But what if your puppy has an accident? What should you do? The question actually should be what SHOULDN’T you do. I have worked with a number of client’s who’s reaction to seeing their dog potty inside caused potty training to be MUCH more difficult and longer than necessary.

I discuss those things and more in the below video but lets just say this first, punishing your dog for having an accident will make potty training more difficult.

OK in the next video are some things to avoid doing and a few potty training tips.

Potty training is all about observation, timing and positive dog training. If your puppy has an accident, its not the pup’s fault, its yours for not reading the signs or taking the dog out sooner. So don’t spank, punish, yell at or freak out if your puppy has an accident. NEVER rub their nose in it.

If you catch your puppy mid-accident, make a loud sound (drop a book, slap a wall) then pick it up and immediately go outside. Often the pup wont go then, but its still important to repeat going outside right after.

It took me about three and a half weeks to fully potty train Quest which is pretty average. Some pups may take a little longer and some need less time. Just be patient and reward the pup for successes.

Positive puppy training is the only way to go.

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